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Reading through all these posts, I feel I am reading notes from my 'selves' on other timelines; so many beautiful, enlightened people here! As Diana Call points out, we are all, always One in Spirit - it's simply a question of the degree to which we realize this, which is strictly a matter of commitment to practice as far as I can tell. I've always had high empathy and sensitivity, and couldn’t accept myself for a long time because I was so different from everyone around me growing up. I'm grateful that everything changed when I moved to California and discovered a spiritual community that truly supported me in realizing my Self as Spirit: Limitless, Eternal, Free, and Present, with the power to be always 'At Cause' rather than 'At Effect' in life. At essence it's about choice, about learning to see and experience ourselves, others and the Universe as Energy, with unlimited powers of transformation at our fingertips. I sometimes like to describe myself as ‘A tone of silence’, because it’s more accurate than all the body/mind labels that we’re used to. It took years of intense work for me to finally kick the habit of being a body, but boy has it been worth it! Because when we free ourselves from attachment to the body’s roles, we become aware of our spiritual contracts with others and can act on them with clarity. I don’t have to be a ‘Spirited Woman’, I can just be ME! I don’t have to be my son’s mother, I can just be a loving presence and wear the valences he needs without attachment. I’m free also to be my mother’s teacher instead of her daughter, which of course is what I’ve always been even since childhood – and everyone’s so much happier, because these are the REAL agreements! One of my Spirit's dominant intentions for this life seems to be to cultivate an internal experience of freedom, even amidst what looks like a lot of limitation (tho I thank God for my excellent health). Perhaps this is why I have felt guided to contemplate death since a young age, and find a rich source for growth in the teaching that, 'the highest vibration one can hold is neutrality' - that it's when we're able to be neutral to everything that we are closest to the mind of God and best able to serve ourselves and others. With this in mind, one of my goals is to raise my vibration to the point that I experience my current lifetime with the same level of clarity and detachment that I have been taught to hold for past-life work, so that maintaining divine awareness becomes effortless. By now I've developed the ability to consistently choose joy and gratitude, and to see the one, deeper truth that underlies the illusions of worldly life. I've also had a golden opportunity to ground these realizations in 3D reality as the mother of a four year old boy. :) I recently returned from CA to live with my parents in Maine - the ultimate challenge in neutrality. My ego resisted this change until I was completely out of options, but now I see it for what it is: almost literally a ‘re-birth’ resulting from my Spirit’s determination to be free from the past - a chance to ‘do-over’ my early life (I’m now in my early thirties). I'm grateful for the coaching method that my spiritual teacher has created, which I was certified to practice last year (it’s a phone-based method). You can find my bio (and some great content from my teacher) at Blessings on your journeys dear Divine Beings - Natalie
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Nov 15, 2012