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Sorry.Clarification needed. John Gilbert did not "allow" an instant runoff pilot for Cary. He worked hard to lobby for the adoption of the pilot. Officials there felt rushed into it. Gilbert is an IRV advocate who even went to Minnesota to promote it there, leaning on his title of Wake BOE chairman. Even Cary voters didn't "get" IRV According to their 2008 bi annual survey: 30.6% did not understand IRV 22.0% did not understand IRV at all Consider that Cary has the most Ph.D.s per capita in the U.S. for towns larger than 75,000 people. Here is what one Cary Town Council member said about IRV in the April 30 meeting where they shut the door on a 2nd pilot: DON FRANTZ: "Most people said they preferred that we stick with what we’ve got. … Stick with our traditional non partisan... When our town agreed to IRV in 2007, it was kind of rush job.. There was a lot of pushback, the public wasn’t involved ... When we look at doing something differently, there has to be a reason… whats Cary going to get…how is this going to make things better... I like the fact that that traditional elections, no matter how many candidates you have in the race, the top two have a month to go at it. You might have your favorite, it doesn’t make the instant runoff… you didn’t know who to rank… but once you know who the top two candidates are… I don’t think it’s that broke… I don’t’ think we really need to focus on fixing it…"
Aida Doss Havel is an attorney as well as an election judge. Sharon Everett has served well on the Wake BoE without controversy. Here's one major muckup by the Wake BoE: Mall voting without the BoE negotiating permission for electioneering and or freedom of expression. Both Wake DEM and GOP held a bi partisan protest: Having an attorney who also has served as an election judge may help avoid messes like this. As for the repeated complaining over one of the nominees - Havel and Everette were the top two vote getters - that is who the SBoE will pick. Also, a former Wake BoE member was treated pretty roughly, and quit because of the hassel. Publicly shouting at and berating members of a board is really not the type of behavior that should be rewarded. It is very likely that Republicans do not grieve over the exit of one democrat. Be glad that the board will now consist of people not willing to experiment with your votes. As for the SBoE approving the pilot, no - it was the state legislature who approved the Instant runoff voting pilot, and it was clearly a matter of politics. They didn't even understand what they were approving. The fact is, IRV cannot be conducted within current NC election laws - it requires hauling votes away from where they are cast - to be counted later on. A violation of the law. IRV votes cannot be reported on election night as regular votes can. There is no certified software to count IRV, but risky work arounds are considered. Cary tried IRV one time and ditched it. I guess they really are above average in Cary after all. Don't assume that the SBoE always has good ideas, either. It was the State Board of Elections was responsible for spreading paperless voting across our state, however, and it took alot of time and money to clean that up, after seeing 4,400 votes lost on paperless machines in Carteret Co. For those not happy with the nominations to the Wake BoE board, how about volunteering the next go round? Unless you are just to busy or not qualified. Truth is there weren't alot of volunteers - its a tough job, it is thankless, and it is demanding. Wake Dems had a chance to vote for 4 candidates, they had two top vote getters, and one very low vote getter.