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Mr Tabali former mayor in Ndop popularly known as "Mr Baron de Valle" must be celebrating the lost of elections by Yoyo. I really don't know the way forward for the so called SDF. If Tabali's supporters could campaign for the cpdm, where does Tabali belong now? To SDF or to the cpdm? He the Tabali should be ashamed to give such impressions to the public. I am only praying that God should really look at Cameroonians problems under Biya's dictatorship. May Cameroon be blessed
You deserve an applause for this piece Fonkem. It time for the opposition parties to say enough is enough to Biya's regime. They have been pushed to the wall for so long a time now. It is their time to stand and face the reality. The really have to put their selfish interests aside and fight for the course of Cameroonians who are lavishing in abject poverty. THANk YOU
What then can be done to mitigate this calamity? Great sanctions should meted on Biya regime else other countries will turn to copy the bad example democracy Advancee which is peculiar only in Cameroon. Ndashi
Mr Biya has to be tried for violating the conduct of democracy by using all means possible to win elections. Just so ashame to be a Cameroonian. No one is immortal Ndashi