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Fua & JN Royal 11 (whoever they are) have provided some really interesting insights. I am only guessing here (I was not in that hotel with Biya and Lt Luc Emane) but my thinking on this issue is probably more accurate than Kenneth Ngu Foncha's story put out by the Post. 1st - Something did happen. 2nd - Biya's suitcase will never have CFA (dollars or Euros but not CFA), no President travels with just their country's currency. 3rd - Lt Luc Emane (so much for Cameroon's security apparatus) must be a fool. Who tells him that a hotel that takes Presidents or the wealthy for guests leaves any room or corridor un-monitored. There are CCTV cameras everywhere but they are so cleaverly designed and concealled you have to be in trade to spot them. He was being watch by hotel security from the moment he entered the room... Just one hasty step, one stealthy look and this "abnormal" behaviour would be noticed by someone studying the CCTV monitors. 4th - for Lt Luc Emane the road to Kondengui began with his lack of experience of how security works. Jallow