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The "Igwes" above are like those waiting to get the sacrament of Holy Baptism in church but it is unfortunate that they are gonna get just that of fire, fraud, and hopelessness. What campaigns have they launched so as to say "No to Pirates?" Is it with "Matutu and 33 exports? I hope salt and savon is gonna come soon. Wake up before your thirsty throats are infected with Microbes. What a shame.
Mr Nsom, Sir, what law are you talking about and in which country? Ask yourself the whereabout of the Almighty Fon Doh and his Friend Biya, the killer of the century. Things are getting closer from all angles. Biya and his agents may continue to wipe us, then steal much money and make numerous trips to Europe. Generational curse will will get him and time alone will tell. May our brothers part in peace and may their families and loved ones take courage and keep praying for Justice to prevail not long from now.
Gentlemen, it is really a pity that Cameroon military is weak. The Robbers are alleged to have sent a message that they were gonna attack Limbe and Douala but Mr Ze Meka and his guys took it for granted. Hope they open their eyes wide before the guys get Douala. I cry for my country.
mk the southerner, Funny indeed. When a friend of mine saw the old stick, he asked me whether we do have metals in Africa. The lining used never pass through the tailor but u gonna hear the amount paid for the flag. I know the flag in itself is nothing compared with the the land given back to us but it is shameful. All Biya and his agents care about is Greed.
FONNGANG, Your comments speak it all. What have we not seen and heard that we still want Fru Ndi to tell us. We have to learn that our future is not destined by our past, but is rather propelled by it. It is time we go to Ako, Nwa, Bankin, Ndian, Nkohketunjia etc,and to educate the people that, the creation of an administrative unit is not because one belongs CPDM. That has to be done by us and not by Fru. The people should stand up and to tell D.Os like the guy in Nwa that, he should stop attacking common men, and slapping village heads( chiefs) like what happened in that Sub Div. recently. It should be the collective efforts of all people and not Fru Ndi alone. Learn from kenya if you can. In the natural, Biya and his agents think they are all and all. They had better watched out for the boat is about to capsize.
Delors, Bros, i had lived in that zone in a while. I must tell you frankly that D.O Michael and the present CPDM MP for Nwa who also serves as Inspector of Primary Educ for the Sub Div, are all unholy men. God alone knows.I was there during the 2004 Presidential Elections. Both men hated opposition supporters to the core and even threatened many. Primary school teachers were being controlled like sheep and pupils were always deprived of studies. I weep and continue to weep for Nwa and Ako Sub Divs. Am tempted to say light is still centuries away from those God given areas. I want to say with the Late Lucky Dube that; stomach Cameroon politicians will one day meet us on their way down. Where is the human conscience?
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Nji Fidelis, People like you are supposed to be bitten by venomous snakes. You traitors, your time is around the corner. Did ur brother Biya go to "Menchum Theological Seminary?
Bro Akume, People like Mbeh of Bakingili are a a group of baptized pagans. Do u want the agents of darkness to disrespect their master? These people know the truth and because they are caught in the web, have no other means but to keep playing the " Jacob and Esau scenario". Mbeh also says the people of SW and the province as a whole is poor. Who is responsible? Were it not for the Red cap on him, i would recommend three solid spankings for him. Traitors.
Thanks Simplice, Just realized some buttons were tampered with. This is the message; Their days of those traitors are all numbered. Time alone will tell. I can still see the three guys praying to God for Devil Biya to be made King. God has answered their prayer either way. Minister Atangha is soon gonna get in that path, and time is catching up Pa Achidi and his partner in crime, Biya. We are waiting. Hope they can now be deciphered. Happy weekend to you there. Cheers.
Ha Ha Ha Fon,   Their days are all numbered. Time alone will tell. I can still see the three guys praying to God for Devil BIya to be made King. God has answered their prayer two ways. Minister Atangha is soon gonna get in that path, and time is catching up with Pa Achidi and his partner in crime, Biya. We are waiting.
Collins, Thanks for correcting the illiterate school master ( Nji Atanga). They read the Bible upside down. Some weeks back he said over BBC that Cameroonians were living in Paradise. Today, he calls a dust as the "Alpha and Omega." Who then is a nonentity or a riff-raff ? you, Nji or Fru? Do you know our world is a "Theater"? You will soon be off the stage my Dear. I can see time is already catching up with Pa Achidi. Good luck.
Fellow Brosis, Did you hear Paul Nji Atanga, the Minister of Special Duties on "BBC have your say?". If not, then you get to the page and hear him. My brothers, we are surrounded by evil men. One might be tempted to call some of these people " Animals". I regret saying this. God have Mercy. We hope for better days.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2008 on Dark Days In Cameroon at Up Station Mountain Club