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i cant really say i support chelsea but i LOVED that team and eidur was a big reason for that jimmy floyd + crespo too
kljestan + davis really would love to see davis serving gomez / altidore / boyd pontius would be a nice addition but that would shatter any hope of DCU making the playoffs...again
so many things went wrong that was a bradley-esque lineup for a must-not-lose match i didnt mind the acquisition of tan / neal / pajoy / chabala mainly because we have enough talent surrounding them to balance their weaknesses i NEVER would would have thot they'd see the field at the SAME time outside of a reserve league match but STARTING?? TOGETHER?!! injuries + schedule congestion didnt force our hand to that extreme degree...
did not see this whole game but having watched Englands' losses in other major tournaments...the solution? AVOID PKs by playing for the win boggles my mind why teams complain about being "cursed" if they lose a few shootouts in a row. often their tepid performance in regulation translates directly into weak form during the PKs
Sounders get no respect ` i disdain the fans + team on principle...but as an impartial observer, I felt that nobody in the league was as good as their first XI [ even without zakuani]. Problem was rosales went down too and the crippled sounders were quite a bit worse than LA. With everyone healthy i find it intriguing that nobody thinks they'll claim hardware this year
Toggle Commented Mar 9, 2012 on SBI's MLS 2012 predictions at Soccer By Ives
this had me rolling
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Mar 6, 2012