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Sue Virr
Limousin France
English-language Flying Instructor with the Aéro-club de Limoges—I also breed dogs and horses
Interests: former steeplechase jockey, flying, countryside, cooking,anything horse related,adventure, travel.
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Mar 15, 2010
To all of our new puppy owners, thank you so much for your wonderful stories and photographs. I am delighted that all of your puppies have settled into their new homes. We have three puppies at home now. I am keeping one I have named him Edward Bear of Nearly Heaven, I intend to show him and this time I intend to train him for field trials ( when I find the time!). The three puppies are now living in the house with the older dogs and they have adapted to their large sleeping cage without a murmer nor an accident in the house .... yet! Of course they still go outside into their puppy pen during the day. I enjoy a daily walk with all of the dogs and puppies, at present because of the size of the little ones,we just walk over the horse fields, it is a heartwarming sight to watch all of the Vizsla's playing together.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2009 on Puppies leaving home at nearlyheaven
This dear lady is an 'institution' who says what she thinks which I admire even though I don't always agree with her. If she is ready to leave the Commons, her talents should definitely be preserved in the Lords
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