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Player, Your venom illustrates a lot of what's wrong with the media coverage of the OUA. It seems like people expect all the coverage to be blind, see-no-evil boosterism. Greg actually takes a critical look at the teams and the media coverage. I assume you're smart enough to balance the demands of being student-athlete. If you're smart enough to do that, then you are smart enough not to be a baby ears when someone gives an opinion you do not share.
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2010 on D.J. Bennett Spoils The Ballot at Big Man On Campus
Player, The comment about Queen's is bang on. "Vanier Cup champions" refers to the team which eventually wins this season. It isn't wrong to say "defending champions," but try to act like you're vaguely familiar with the league. Queen's graduated its quarterback, its two-time all-Canadian wide receiver, its leading rusher in the Vanier Cup, two offensive linemen, its two best pass rushers, two starting linebackers, its free safety and its best cover corner/return man. Its best possession receiver (Ioannides) went down for the season vs. Guelph. It is not wrong, per se. There is a difference between saying something which is factually right and saying something which is accurate. You're in over your head trying to debate well-established journalists like Layson. Quit well you're only a little behind, son. Greg is doing a great job with this site. It's a blog. His job is to counter the blind
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2010 on D.J. Bennett Spoils The Ballot at Big Man On Campus
Too bad they're not playing Erie, he could face his brother!
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2010 on Who's buried in Grant's tomb? at Rangers Rap
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Oct 22, 2010