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I think the very basic fact that people are forgetting is that even if all dogs are the same likely to attack, there is a big difference. If someone walks around in public with an unsheathed knife dangling from his belt, there is little chance that anything wrong will happen - especially if he is trained to use knives. But there is still a reallllllly small chance - let's say .01% - that the knife will accidentally cut someone walking by. Obviously, we would not let this man walk around with his knife. The tiniest threat of a human getting harmed would be enough to outlaw the "right" of this man to carry his knife around. If it were a plastic knife, however, obviously it would be ridiculous to outlaw it. The odds of it brushing against someone are exactly the same, but the potential damage to be done is infinitesimal, so they would not be banned. You see where I'm going in this. The fact is that the one-in-a-million pit bulls who DO attack, for whatever reason, cause so much more damage than any other breed. Raise plastic knives as pets, not machetes.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2012 on The Truth Behind at KC DOG BLOG
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Aug 3, 2012