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Yay, you, for getting back to blogging! Here's my support (#4) to encourage you to continue to share your insights with us. Clearly, I'm not the best role model for blogging on a consistent basis, as I can go for a year without posting sometimes. My pros and cons are similar to yours. I love having written, but finding the time and energy to actually do the writing on top of everything else in my life is the hard part. I eventually decided that being consistent was not as important as blogging when I had something really new, important or unique to share. So, write when you feel compelled to, but don't beat yourself up when you just don't have the time. We'll still be here when you have something important to say. :-)
I just can't imagine how that got approved in the first place! Analytech (like "analytic") would have made so much more sense and avoided that unfortunate association. BTW, the survey link is not working for me, saying I already voted (I'm sure I would have remembered voting on something like that!).
I'll chime in here just to note that I think you've gone about this in exactly the right way, Andrea, raising awareness of this disparity as something for us to take into consideration for the future. What I would not want to see coming out of this discussion is a call for a new organization specifically for women in transmedia. That, I think, WOULD be divisive, and would have the negative effect of being exclusionary rather than making the field as a whole more inclusive. I've seen this happen in other fields, for example with BlogHer, and it just doesn't make sense to me to create a separate parallel gender-segregated track. I think this blog post is a good step toward getting the field to realize what's going on and hopefully become more inclusive of the best of both sexes.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2011 on The Women of Transmedia at Deus Ex Machinatio
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the book, Craig. Your points are excellent, and you are correct that this book is not intended to innovate the field, but to provide a solid introduction to the overall process for those who are relatively new to social marketing. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your forthcoming book, because you always help us look at the field from a different perspective by asking challenging questions like these.
If the alternative you'd propose would be the smart psychological profiling the Israelis use at their airports, I'm all in. Randomly patting down five year olds and Grandmas in wheelchairs makes no sense. In any case, I think you'll need to offer some alternative rather than just saying "no, we don't want it" in order for people to get on board. Even if they don't like the backscatter and intimate pat-downs, I think most are willing to put up with it for a sense of heightened security (correctly or not).
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2010 on The TSA Choice at Deus Ex Machinatio
I love that you're getting deep into the nitty-gritty. I know that I often look at the source code when I'm looking for clues, so that might be something to add as a consideration as well. This whole series has been great - thanks!
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Nov 1, 2010