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Interests: knitting, reading (fiction), movies, Buffy,
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Sep 12, 2013
Ive not read that book, though I may have skimmed it. Frankly, I can accept lower standards -- unless someone declares and promises one set of standards, but does not in fact meet those standards, but operates on a much lower set. My complaints were not so much that _I_ wanted things done that met a certain standard (well, okay on some elements I did - like actually cleaning the stove top), but more that they had specifically listed that these things WOULD be done, and their staff didnt do them (e.g. dusting the top of the picture frames, and shelves). Okay, that and that the whole point was that theyd scrub the floor and they not only didnt, they werent prepared to.
Nope... I was using the blue doubled because its fingering weight and the main yarn is DK weight...
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Sep 5, 2012
Ahhh... I so wish you were near by. Even a little near. But a two day drive is just a tad much for commuting to hand out, knit, and drool at your yarns. Perhaps we could just work together virtually --- What can I design for your shop?
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2012 on New Yarn! at Pleasant Yarns Abound
Yeah. Once you HAVE that document, you can show anything -- mostly all you have to do is HAVE a social security number, and anything showing it is good enough to get a job. I guess the state is so fussy in part b/c they know that everyone now uses their license to show their ssn. sigh
But they dont serve cider in the one in town. Besides, I thought theyd closed....
Toggle Commented Aug 26, 2011 on Walkin' up that Hill at Knitting in the Shadows
I'd ask your dear friends at UPS to provide you with as many pre-paid shipping tags (or whatever would go into the package to ship a book) as there are books in the boxes. Then, folks who would have obtained them there, can fill out the UPS shipping tag for delivery, and you can drop the whole lot at the UPS store, with the boxes, and let them ship the books to the new owners at their cost. That should be expensive enough for them to sit up at take notice.
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The rest of the bill DOES have stuff on retaining collective bargaining for the teachers. I merely failed to quote the whole shebang. I think collective bargaining is important. I also think that making sure we have GOOD teachers in the classrooms is important. I dont think theyre mutually exclusive.
Toggle Commented Apr 15, 2011 on On Education at Knitting in the Shadows
Oh... but this leaves me room for another whole post on the joys of Judys and socks....
It would be work right-side chart (includes the decrease edge), work the center (which may or may not match the right side -- in some places the first half would but the second half wouldnt quite (close but with this like yo, ssk for 1/2 of it, and k2tog yo in the same places on the other half) .. then the left side chart, with its side decrease edge. In some places, its easy, in others things get left leaning slants on the right side, and right leaning slants on the left side.
Right and Left sides differ along the edges (where decreases happen).
Id love to put it up all in one, but sheesh -- thatd take so long to read, youd all abandon me. Meanwhile, this is just whats going on with respect to one design Im trying to get ready to publish :-) There is another with testers, one that should be ready for testers by next week, and several more on the drawing board :-) Then, of course, theres my LIFE -- kids, hubby, pets, house, bills, group work, board work, yadda yadda. Oh sh*t! I forgot about TAXES.... grumble.
I have not been using the crochet hook for inappropriate things! sheesh
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2011 on Random Thoughts at Knitting in the Shadows
Im certain that Tom at Dyakcraft will consider anything! Hes pretty wonderful that way.