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At our multidisciplinary practice we split the project into the respective disciplines. The danger with making any system sophisticated is that... it's sophisticated! Model management should be simple. It costs to much to train people to a high technical competency! The big issue that we have with large models is by vertue of the software, you can make dramatic changes to this data with a few clicks of a button. This power in the wrong hands can cause catastrophic damage to projects. My suggestion would be to have better control over linked elements. and more secure "locking" systems. e.g we haven't found a way to lock the shared coordinate system yet!!!! (we have tried every trick in the book to secure their positions) Perhaps a user/login secure system that works with the worksets could be used to secure critical items such as base points, grids, structure model etc etc. Another issue with high density models is analysis. Some models can take days to get results from environmental analysis. Large files would only work if they were cloud based and the processing of integrating the model was done local to the storage device of the model. I would like to make fast changes out in the field/on site and this would only be possible by either large files in clouds or small files at a local level. Good discussion point!
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2011 on The Building Model(s) at Inside the Factory
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Aug 23, 2011