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'There should be more orange cars' is a thought that struck me a while ago, then I noticed that I'd started photographing orange cars in the neighbourhood. And once you realise you've started doing something like this, you end up noticing more (of whatever it is). One of the best things about photography, I think. Here's the collection so far:
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I would be very, very happy if Fuji would bring out a 40mm-e as optically nice as my 35mm f1.4 that focused as quickly as the 23mm f2. Maybe I should give their existing 27mm a go anyway.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2017 on TOP Classic: Why 40mm? at The Online Photographer
A further thought, which I've put it into practise recently, is that if you're only using two lenses, and they're not particularly big lenses - and the cameras they fit on aren't particularly big - you might as well take two cameras out and save swapping lenses. I've been doing this recently with my Fuji -T10 and an X-E1 (which had been languishing in the cupboard since I got the X-T10 for it's better AF, but is actually just fine for taking landscapes). I've not weighed them to compare, but I can pack these two cameras in my Crumpler rucksack more easily than my Nikon D7100 + 2 lenses.
I think I could get by pretty nicely with two lenses, and one of them would be the Fuji 35mm f1.4 that I have, mostly because I've had it a while and keep coming back to it as my default lens. I suspect that the 2nd lens that I would use most is a 23mm (which I don't yet have), but at the moment I'm swapping between 14mm and 60mm from day to day with mixed results.
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Jan 25, 2017