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You are right that there is a valid question as to how much the treasury can legitimately charge us computer upgrades. If John Swinney had been remotely competent he would have made it publicly & soughtthe support of the other parties. It seems he didn't even seek the support of the rest of the SNP cabinet. This strongly argues he didn't have a clue & that Salmond's post facto claims that there was a deliberate decision to get rid of Scotland's main economic power are untrue.
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Increased CO2 also improves plant growth since that is what plants breathe. Unlike "catastrophic global warming" there is no dispute about the increase in CO2. Obviously this gets no MSM coverage.
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2009 on The Greening of the Sahara at Foreign Dispatches
As a member of the public who may have embarrassed you yesterday with a factual statement which the entire MSM have been doing their damndest to suppress for over a year I understand BBC's fears. This is not to say they were morally right - I am absolutely opposed to censoring such activities but I understand that there is a genuine division of interest.
It may be shallow but a lot of it was that with every word she used she showed she was petit bourgeous English which just rubbed Scots the wrong way. Also she was female & Scotland was a self consiously masculine culture (then). So, in a very different way was the Conservative party until she learned how to "nanny" them. However the persona needed to nanny the English was differnt from that needed to "Jean Brodie" the Scots (see Annabelle Goldie for the latter) & she couldn't do both. This is unfair but what goes round comes round & Gordon Brown is suffering from the reverse phenomeon now.
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