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Neil Davidson
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Thanks Antonio! No talent at all (as was made clear to me at school), but I do try really hard.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2011 on King's College at Neil Davidson's drawings
Hi Gareth, Thanks for the encouragement. I get disheartened because I compare my efforts to things like this: Perhaps I should choose different comparisons though! Neil
Toggle Commented May 25, 2011 on King's College at Neil Davidson's drawings
Marga, Flickr have a process for it, so I marked the images as moderate and the reverted my account. In fairness to them, they did this very quickly. Neil
Kathy, That's a fantastic compliment, coming from you. The older I get, the less value I place on raw talent and the more on hard work and determination ('grit' is the technical word, I think). I've got no talent, so it's all about practicing, and refusing to stop until, one day, I'll be good. And lots of reading about the subject (oddly, I've found 19th century books to be the best, perhaps because the Victorians believed in graft too). I'll blog about it. Soon, I think. Neil
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Mar 15, 2010
Ubaidullah, Glad you enjoyed it. You can send typos to me at If you enjoyed it could you post a review on Amazon? You can find the links at
Andy, For the CPM I Googled around. Social networks seem to have the lowest CPM (eg see here Thanks for the feedback about the page numbers! Neil
Thanks Patrick! I e-mailed the HP corporate archives and they sent me a copy (which I can't distribute unfortunately). You can find contact details here. Neil
Dov, Thanks for the translation! It's quite a hard idea for people to get their heads round, and some people can get extremely defensive. Note that I'm *not* saying you don't need sales people though, just that if you have sales people you should question the assumption that they must be motivated by pay. Looking forward to meeting you in November. All the best, Neil
Cory, Sorry, I wasn't clear - they've been selected to speak. I'll put the presentations online once the Pecha Kucha has taken place (mid November), Neil
Grok2, If you can find salespeople who are motivated intrinsically (i.e. by the need to do a good job, to help customers, and who enjoy selling) and pay them a good wage then I don't see why not). Of course, it depends on the type of culture you want to develop / have already developed. Neil
Derrick, I think I understand the problem fairly well. And I think our sales management is reasonably strong, but I'd definitely prefer its energies were spent helping our sales people, not policing them. Our sales people are good, but not knowing what your salary is going to be will cause anxiety for almost all people. And I do think that what large parts of the industry does is a mismatch for Red Gate (and possibly downright wrong). I'm not alone, by the way. DEC didn't pay its sales people commissions; the SAS institute (the world's largest privately held software company) doesn't pay commissions; my local Apple store doesn't). There is also a fair amount of academic research that shows that people don't tend to be motivated by money, and that paying commissions distorts behaviour in unhelpful ways. Google, for example, Hertzberg, or Jeff Pfeffer's work (eg here and here ). Neil
Cameron, We came up with salaries that were higher than the base rate but lower than the previous base rate + commission. We looked at what we felt was a reasonable salary (benchmarked against other companies, for example) to influence our decisions. If you have a high performer you can pay him more money, just like you'd pay happy paying a high performing software developer more than a low performing software developer. But you have the freedom to decouple this from just the amount of stuff the sales person sells. Sure, this is one factor, but you can take into account team behaviours, attitude, work ethic, whatever you like. It becomes a (evidence-based) judgement call, just like it is for everybody else in the company. Neil
Thanks Ross! A lot more practice to go ...
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2009 on Vacuum cleaner at Neil Davidson's drawings
Thanks for the encouragement Marine!
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2009 on Vacuum cleaner at Neil Davidson's drawings
Anybody else having issues with the video? Works fine on Firefox 3.5.2 on my Mac.
Ncu, I haven't read Bob's previous book. Anybody read both and like to comment? Neil
Brian - I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.
Kyle / Jamie, Both correct! Thanks - it wasn't as disastrous as I'd hoped then. Neil
But what's he done since ...?
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2009 on Humbled, but hopeful at Neil Davidson's drawings
Nice quote Jason! Neil
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2009 on Humbled, but hopeful at Neil Davidson's drawings
Pinal, Agreed. I don't have the talent to become a great writer, or to draw staplers unbelievably well, but with hard work I think I (and anybody) can become reasonable, or even good. Neil
Michael, I think you're spot on. But I also notice that this is the first time you've commented on my blog ... Neil
Alex, What browser are you using? Is the image still broken (it might have been a temporary problem)? Neil