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Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Church IT guy
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I wonder would it would take to get dcTalk back together so that they could re-record "Jesus Freak" as "Jesus Geek"
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Whoa... that'd be pretty cool, BUT there is a big BIG gap between a standard photocopied bulletin and what you could do with digital print on a tablet. There is also a similarly wide gap with a 2min church news video. This would take some pretty huge resourcing to pull off, but I'm sure our communications and media departments wouldn't complain about getting their hands on a Red camera like Viv use (BTW - That's Ed Begley Jr on the cover. He doesn't look so Jr these days)
Firstly... I lurve the "Got Faith?" concept. A simple, basic leading question with some kick-butt images. And just think about the range of images that you could use (how about a XXXL backside on a barstool, or a parent getting in a L-plate car?) And could you get an easier web address? The site could begin to get people thinking more deeply about what they have faith in. Now as for the JAAL campaign. I hate to say it but I think the problem is the J word. Over the centuries we've got many bad examples as to how we've introduced people to Jesus (think crusades, witch hunts etc, or modern examples of comments made by some church leaders in relation to the '09 Vicrotian "Black Saturday" bush fires and the recent Haiti earthquake). We (as Christians) all know that Jesus is the answer, the problem is Joe & Jane Public have no idea what the question is. That God-shaped hole that we've heard preached about at various youth rallys, they don't know there's even a hole (let alone it's shape. The "Got Faith?" concept treats the public with respect (1. use of language, 2. everyone has faith in something, which the images illustrate) and is (I believe) a good starting point for getting people thinking deeper.
Story number two. During my youth leader days (at Somewhere Baptist COMMUNITY Church) we sometimes traveled 15 minutes down the highway to another church for a youth service or other combined activity. The church was of the Anglican flavor (mmmm, yummy) and was therefore named for a Saint, in this case St. Bartholomew. Internally to that church they refered to themselves as St. Bart's, which is OK but their internal language leaked into their external communication. As a result I wondered more than once how many outsiders might image a yellow pointy haired kid with a halo. Take away: Your church name may be fantastic for you and others safely within the church walls, but what does it say to people on the outside? How might it affect their preconceptions as to who you are? Case in point. The church that meets across the road from us is called "Hope of God". I'm sure to them it's a great name that conveys great meaning, but to me (even as a fellow Christian) it just seems a bit naff. It's the kind of name I would expect to hear mentioned in an un-complementry story on one of those half-hour current affairs TV programs.
Two true stories... Story number one. A church I previously attended (infact the church I grew up in and spent 20 or so years of my life) was going to change it's name. For many decades it had been known as "Somewhere Baptist Church" (not it's actual name) and the leadership of the church thought it was time for an update to "Somewhere Baptist Community Church" and so had taken the proposal to a church members meeting. During the discussion one elderly gentleman (who'd been a part of the church for so long the church's colour scheme had been choosen to match his wardrobe) suggested that "you can't use the word 'community' people will think it's a community hall and anyone could turn up". Take away: What does your name say to your congregants about who you are and the mission of the church? Are they alligned with that vision, or is it just wishfull thinking?
Wow you beat me by 38 hours! I had exactly the same idea. Great minds really do think alike.
Found this: It kinda makes sense. Or you could check out some of these...
Haha! That's crazy good. Blessings for Christmas and the New Year to you and your completly zany family.
On one hand it has people talking (and thinking?), so one could say that it has been a complete sucsess. On the other hand, it does communicate half-truthes. Yes God did cause Mary to become pregnant, but not by being an amazing lover in the sack. Sunrise should have had you on this morning's show (they broadcased from Melbourne this morning).
Despite having recently be labled a Macfag by a commentor on my blog (yes you can laugh now), I feel that I should (ney, NEED to) point out that MS had Windows Media Center a good couple of years before Apple released Apple TV. However you are correct, TV hasn't (yet) proven to be the great area of convergence that both MS & Apple (& others) were hoping it would be (altough there are some interesting things happening with game consoles). Hmmm I wonder, how could a church interact with people via XBox Live?
Hey Steve - Happy Birthday. If, as you suggest, that 40 is middle-age, then may I say happy hump-year too? And if indeed it is that 40 is the hump-year, that means I'm over the hill... but I too choose to be thankful (well, most of the time anyway). Enjoy your day!
I resent the idea that techies (or at least those capable of setting up websites) are spotty