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I found this article through Google because I needed to address a letter with an "Attn:" line, and hadn't done so in so long, or very many times in my life for that matter, that I couldn't remember if it went all the way above the address, or after the name of the Company itself in the address. Of course I ended up reading the whole article, and although I got more answers correct that I had originally expected to, I learned a lot! Even the answers that I got correct were things that I didn't necessarily know the reasoning for before having read this article. So thank you for taking the time to do research on the "rules" of addressing envelopes and writing a quiz/article on the subject! I learned much more today than I had expected to with regards to mail, and I'm the kind of person that just loves to learn and likes to know everything, and especially the reasons behind things, so I greatly appreciated this article!
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2011 on Test: How to Address an Envelope at Business Writing
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Jul 12, 2010