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I can understand many parents of autistic children may have an overwhelming, misplaced sense of guilt. I say misplaced because those parents all were misinformed, thinking they did the "right thing". Listen to parents of vaccine injured children, and hear them say it. To the author of the petition to ban this book I say: thank you for the extra publicity you have given it! And also: you may need to be educated on the difference between a debilitating condition (such as auto immune dis-eases or dis-orders triggering autism like symptoms, also known as vaccine injury) and a natural inclination to be homo-, bi- or heterosexual. Plenty of examples of highly functional and talented gay persons around. Yes, Temple Grandin also is a fine example of a famous, highly functional and gifted autistic person. No one says all persons with autism are the result of vaccine injury. There can be other environmental factors triggering autism. Meanwhile, how can anyone deny the steady rise of the number of vaccines and so called boosters on the CDC recommended schedule, and the staggering number of autistic children each additional booster shot or vaccine has triggered? I could go on and cite suppressed scientists concerns on the topic of gender confusion, and how infants and children repeatedly injected with cell lines - harvested from aborted fetal tissue of both male and female origin - may be a contributing factor here... Instead I urge all parents to read vaccine inserts, listed ingredients, compare them with the MSDS (material safety data sheet on each ingredient you question) and also read article 13, (listed on every vaccine insert) in which is outlined that carcinogenic and mutagenic effects of this particular vaccine have never been studied. Let me just say I Love all beings, no matter their orientation, confused or not. I support health freedom, and freedom of speech. Let's forgive ourselves for our own blind spots and possible misgivings, actually read this book and have a real conversation about it. We owe it to all children to look beyond dogma, and to keep our hearts and minds open. We are after all shaping the world they inherit from us.
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Jun 1, 2017