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Bob Nelson
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Someone posted on Ore. Board of RadioDiscussions that they have a lot of Dem. friends and none had heard of KPOJ prog talk. Blank stares. What do they listen to? NPR.
MSNBC= MSDNC. Many other channels spin left, but I guess that's okay. (As does taxpayer funded NPR and PBS) Fox News is doing great in the ratings with their nightly shows. Of course that could be that they corner the market in center-right. All the other channels who go center-left prob. make up the other half; visualize a pie chart with Fox News on one side and all the other channels on the other. If there were 3 or 4 more conservative channels they would have less of a share. And that's just comment shows; not necessarily talking about news coverage and any bias that may occur.
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Dec 10, 2010