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If your carrier won't unlock your phone for you, you can generally buy unlock codes for GSM phones from various sites around the net. My wife went abroad with a phone that we thought was unlocked (but wasn't)-- had us a working unlock code inside of 5 minutes for $15 US.
Not quite this design, but the El Monte Busway along I-10 has a lot of stops where the bus exits on to a special bus-only lane parallel to the freeway, and a sidewalk provides access from the arterial. See Puente Ave/I-10 in Baldwin Park for an example.
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What Cascadian and Simon said. The bicycle is a proven technology that has remained essentially unchanged for the past 50 years. It is simple, cheap, reliable, easy to repair, and provides reasonably healthy individuals with significant mobility at extremely low costs. I keep seeing these doodads that do basically the same thing, and yet cost a few months' salary- and, because they're electrically-powered and computer-controlled, they probably aren't all that eco-friendly either. (I mean, compared to the car, sure... but not compared to a bike.)
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2011 on has anyone ridden a yike-bike? at Human Transit
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Another Simutrans devotee here. (Though I will admit to ticking the "freeplay" box and living out lavish transit fantasies from time to time...)
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Of course, to add to the disaster that is transit fare policy in LA, Metro does issue transfers (for a nominal $0.35). Many out-of-town visitors from transfer-using systems will buy a transfer in order to board a second Metro vehicle- but, surprise! Metro transfers are only good on NON-Metro vehicles. I get really frustrated with the TAP haters in SoCal, because all of the little balkanized municipal and suburban operators all have their own fare structures and media, and transfers between them tend to be abysmal. We need a single, regional fare media and, if possible, fare structure, and- though it has its flaws- TAP is the best vehicle to accomplish this. It's certainly better than what we've got now.
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Let me dust off my class-warfare torch and pitchfork, I'll be right there.
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cph beat me to it, but my hometown of Riverside, CA does take some pride in our downtown pedestrian mall. Though I do wish they'd stop it with the annoying piped-in music... I don't need to be fed bad 90's pop tunes to enjoy walking around.
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Sep 10, 2010