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Absolutely. I once heard it said (and in my experience it's all too true) that the more you know about a subject the more you errors you can find in any article about it.
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2006 on The Mythology of Causation at ShrinkWrapped
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DSmith, you make excellent points--and save me from making the one I was going to make, about the terrorists not being concerned how many die in the service of their cause because they care only about the next world, not this one. You certainly couldn't say that about the Soviets. Fortunately, they did care about this world, and this made them more temperate about actually using atomic weapons. The fact that the Soviets had more weapons is irrelevant, what's important was their relative reluctance to use them. It's a good think Gary Farber wasn't around during the Civil War. I'm sure he would have been against the temporary civil liberties curtailments Lincoln put in place while that war was going on. Farber's current willingness to sacrifice millions of people to his perfectionist and absolutist idea of civil liberties makes the blood run cold. Does he really think that, after the destruction of said cities, liberty would be more easily preserved in this country than by preventing such destruction by the reasonable and very modest encrosions on liberties as have been employed so far? Methinks Farber believes the Constitution is a suicide pact.
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