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Awesome! Congrats on the homecoming. You should make a short video to capture the moment when the new(old?) blog goes live. For posterity and such. :)
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Happy birthday! I've mostly been spared the horrors of live multiplayer games, but after being a huge fan of The Guild for several years, I finally started playing World of Warcraft last month. Holy crap. After making the mistake of visiting the WOW forums, I stumbled upon a post by a mother who was upset that her 9 year old daughter was being sexually harassed by men in-game. The response from pretty much everyone on the forum was, "Well of COURSE your 9 year old child is being sexually harassed, you should make her wait until she's 13 to play." >_< I think "Don't be a dick" needs to be included in the EULAs/TOS for these games.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2012 on Happy Don't Be A Dick Day! at WWdN: In Exile
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Yay! I always love Evil "Whil" Wheaton episodes. You and Jim Parsons have great chemistry.
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LOL. I was so happy when Seth reinstated his account. The Family Guy writers all have the best Twitter accounts. @thesulk is always great. He's the one who wrote the Blue Harvest Star Wars special. Very politically incorrect humor (obviously), but definitely worth following if you're not easily offended.
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Mar 25, 2010