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Nestor Rivera
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Create an issue than create a market to profit from it.. good work if you can get it.
Gee and here was me thinking that the Constitution is the highest law of the land and all others are subordinate to it. Thus my quotation. Note the word EXCLUSIVE. The history of "nationalizing" sectors of an economy have worked so well... please see Mexico and Wage and Price Controls under Nixon.. Eminent domain.. fan of the Kelo decison I see. Thank you for your Ad hominem attacks it does show the quality of your augments.
"But patents are government-granted monopolies" correct with out them innovation suffers. My statemts are in no way absolutist but are in line with the US Constitution as I quoted. Radar as a concept (Maxwell/Hertz) was well known. "The fundamental principle of the radar belongs to the common patrimony of the physicists : after all, what is left to the real credit of the technicians is measured by the effective realisation of operational materials" Maurice Ponte "we can impose a mandatory licensing regime tomorrow" only with the acquiescence of the Courts (far to often the case) to not uphold the Constitution. I will agree that the Constitution has mechanism for amending it. It is amazing how often those that wish to "help" everyone so easily trample those that disagree... I.E. in this case Patent Holders.
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Mar 5, 2012