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"Me and my roommate both subscribe to netflix (we have different taste in movies), can we get one player, and connect to two different accounts?" Why would you need two different accounts? You would have access to the same content.
Does anyone think that Apple will be able to compete with the content that Netflix offers? I also wonder if they will continue to charge for each download, or if there will be a monthly membership. If they can compete with the DVD market in content and have a reasonable monthly plan, I may just become a AppleTVJunkie.
Now, it might be something to think about if Netflix and Apple could get together to deliver media via the Apple TV device. Netflix has the better content provider relationships and Apple has a device ready to utilize. I thought I had heard back some years ago a relationship that was buidling between Netflix and Tivo. That must have fallen through, though, since Tivo partnered with Amazon.
I think this is a corporate mentality issue. Aside from a portion of the site not working correctly, getting honest answers about issues can be hard to come by. I think Michael does the best he can with the knowledge that he has, but I doubt he is responsible for every portion of the site. I work in the computer industry. And a few years ago when we were under different management, and the data center would have an “outage”, we were told to come up with an answer for the customer which almost never touched on the truth. Instead, management wanted something to appease the customers without really telling them what caused the issue in the first place. Sometimes, it would be impossible to reply to angry messages without revealing the real reason for a problem. In these cases, management told us to ignore those messages; eventually they’ll stop asking. It was true; eventually they stopped being a customer. This changed with new management. They decided, and good for them, that telling the truth might be painful at first but, at least our customers would trust us. It has taken a while to rebuild our customer loyalty base because of former management, though. I am hoping that Netflix management is not taking the advice of my former management. I did see a post today from Michael asking for any help dissecting the issue, so I think that is a good sign.
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2007 on Netflix Movie Notes Problem? at Hacking NetFlix
I would like to see the button wording change for these reviews. Seems to me that "Agree" or "Disagree" would be more to the point.
The point seems to be that some people actually care about this, and some do not. You are in the latter group, but many of us are in the former. As for labeling my kitchen cabinets, are you spying on me? I have a cabinet just for my mac and cheese. Goes great with "harley davidson and the marlboro man".
@Big Will Err... people who responded here care it would seem. The person who created the new look must care. The person who created this post must care. Perhaps, the other people who responded to this post care just a little. Yeah, who cares? Great input, though, Big Will. Very informative.
I would suggest much more than just a change to the user interface look. There are many things that should be added for functionality reasons. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to arrange the navigation buttons the way you like; it would be like moving tabs on the newer browsers. A homepage that shows the top 20 movies in your queue would be a great start. Who's homepage is this, anyway? It's certainly not mine. I am extremely frustrated that the only way I can remind myself of a VOD(video on demand) movie is to place it in the main queue. There is no Instant Viewing queue, and even when in the main queue, the user cannot easily see that this selection is available in VOD. In the queue, they should let users sort information by each data set. If I want to see all my R rated movies in my queue, it should be easier to do. Netflix should partner with IMDB for movie information. IMDB has much better descriptions, actor and director linking and trivia that many of us find interesting.
I am really surpised that Netflix users do not become more upset with the frequent downtime. In my business, we support customers who have large database and application backends. They also have to make updates all the time, but it is done in sections to minimize the affects. Imagine if Amazon was done this often. They also have a rating system, and for much more than movies. If the Netflix business is moving to VOD, they will need to figure out a way to get 99.99999% uptime. I do not think VOD users will put up with this too long.
1.) I had asked about the sorting of the queue years ago when I first joined netflix -- that would solve most queue searching issues. 2.) I would like to be able to set up a "Watch Now" queue as well. It is very difficult to find things to watch on the watch now, and easy to forget when you leave the computer. I certainly do want to have to add movies to my "real" queue to make sure I do not forget "Watch Now" movies and TV shows. 3.) I use the "Watch Now" alot. This is the main reason I have not switched to a Mac. That probably seems trivial to many people, but movie and TV watching is how I break up the day.