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Avatar is is the ultimate adult fairy tale. Avatar is to adults, what Dysney is to kids. Continue reading
Posted Jan 2, 2010 at AVATAR
I would not like the movie so much if Jake died. I'm sure the intellectually superior critics (that's sarcasm by the way) would approve because the ending would not be so "predictable". it would make the ending a lot more ambiguous, but much leass satisfying. Personally, I will watch the movie several times because I know it will turn out as it should at the end. I am sure many others feel the same way. I may not be so keen to watch the movie again if the Jake died. So the ending as it is is perfect for me.
AVATAR – A POSITIVE EXPRESSION OF FEMININE POWER (SPOILERS GALORE) I posted this earlier, but eliminated it by mistake. Sorry for the repost, with some minor corrections. Here is a analysis I wrote up on the female influence in Avatar.... Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2010 at AVATAR
Neytiri - Of course I have no idea that she is like other women. But I refer to the scene in the tree of souls. In that scene she says one female is a better singer and a second female is a very good hunter. To me this indicates that there are other females who would have attracted Jake equally "by Na'vi standards". She may have been one of the best, and perhaps not. But I think it is fair to assume she was not way ahead. Apart from that she does not really do anything unusual for a Na'vi. She flies an Ikran, but so do they all. The only exceptional thing she does is ride a Thanator, but even that was unusual circumstances.
Many thanks for the feedback. I also agree with what you say Nicholas. And thank you for the correction Vivi.
Why do guys love Neytiri? (Spoilers)? This is what I think. This is a story of true love where the man does not have to impress the girl. The only thing Jake does to impress her is survive in Pandora.... Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at AVATAR
Oh, go on. Tell us.
If I was told I had to live in a fictional universe, I would choose to be Jake in Avatar. Why? So I can be with Neytiri of course. Continue reading
Posted Dec 31, 2009 at AVATAR
She is the best fmeale fictional character ever created. I love her. If you go to my profile you will see I did a little essay on her if you are interested.
You are of course entitled to express your opinion. But to say this is all about America in Afganistan and Iraq is also very narrow minded. There is no way you can compare the Na'vi with the Taliban or ruthless insurgents in Iraq. You also have to remember that there are not just US troops in Iraq. There are troops from other nationalities there too. You have chosen to believe that Irag/Afganistan is the main message. That is fine. But I also have the right to decide it is not the main message for me. That is my right. For me the movie is not anti-American and it certainly wont make me anti-American and that goes for most people who see this. You are claiming a very specific interpretation and under the impression that everyone is going top get brain washed or something. That is just nonsensical. So there is no point on coming on here and lecturing us as to whether we should like a movie or not just because it offends your individual way of thinking. Just in the same way that I didn't go on sites about The Patriot and claim it was anti-British, which of course it was.
I also find this ironic because America is a democracy and believes in freedom of speech. One of the reasons America is strong is because it is self critical. It is important for democracies to consider what they are doing. Also, given the movie was made in America, of course it is going to have an American flavour. And finally, the movie could equally be about the British Empire, and other European countries, imposing itself ruthlessly on native populations and restless subjects, including the North American colonies. I bet if the blue aliens were killing soldiers wearing British red coats who talked like they had marbles in their mouths you would have been whooping and cheering in delight. It would be just like the revolution all over again.
The problem with "some", but not all, Americans is that they think the world is obsessed with America. I hate to dissapoint you, but we are not. I did not see this movie as anti-American because it could relate to any agressive attack on one culture to another. It could equally refer to the attack of the Islamic Fundamentalists on the West. If you choose to interprete the movie this way. That is your choice, But you should not be so arrogant as to assume that everyone sees it this way.
Perhaps they topped themselves or went to live in the jungle.
It's obviously the gratutious sex and nudity that offends them I knew this would ruffle some feathers. Fundamentalist Christians will hate it because it offers an alternative to their own beliefs in a very convincing way. The right wingers hate it because it criticises the corporate economy (which is not the same as the free market by the way) and so they call it subversive.
Why I love Neytiri (Contains spoilers). I have been a great fan of many heroines. But Neytiri tops them all. Sorry this is long, but I am a fanboy and have lots to say. Despite being an Alien, she is... Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2009 at AVATAR
Yes, she effectively has all the characteristics of the ideal woman. I think Cameron made Neytiri deliberately like this. by falling in love with her, we fall in love with the movie. And it worked for a lot of us. For men, she is the woman we would most want. For women, she is the woman they would want to be.
That's very commendable, Jay. And I would like to contribute to this project by starting an Avatar project in my shed. But I really think we need a name for our project. How about the "Research and Development Association." Or RDA for short.
I think so too. I think other moons may be used as an initialbase, but the story will be in Pandora. Besides I think there is a lot of viewer peasure at the moment.
All you need now is a bow, a quiver full of arrows and to paint yourself blue.
Many thanks FTU for the clarification. I know there were plant thst can kill you from the game. I have ordered the book you mentioned. By the way this is not a troll rant. I adore Pandora as much as anyone else. Likewise I am aware of the dangers that exist there. And has been rightly mentioned, that is part of its beauty. Far from it. I am just pointing out that it would be difficult to live there unless you have special Na'vi training, and even then you can still die.
I notice that many people are saying that they are depressed that they can't live on Pandora. To help out I thought I'd remind everyone how dangerous it is. Probably five minutes after admiring the beauty of the place there... Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2009 at AVATAR
The critics just haven't got it. This is a typical "live happy ever after story." It's not supposed to be dark, edgy and ambiguos, its supposed to make you feel warm at the end and achieves that objective spectacularly. Secondly, I think the lack of character development is deliberate. The human Jake is quite bland. But this is a necessity, because we have to compare him to the Na'vi Jake. If Jake's human character was more interesting, the audience may feel more ambiguous about deserting his human body to become a Na'vi. But because the human Jake is incomplete, the audience accept it whole heartedly.
It reminds me of Hector's speech to the Trojans. "Fight for your country. That is the only omen, the best omen." Pity the Trojans lost though.
Yes you are right. I forgot that. But that's as about superhuman as it gets. And in fact, he holds his breath again in that scene too. So he holds his breath three times. Fabulous!
I doubt you will offend anyone in what you said on this site as you are clearly a big fan of Avatar. I like Star Wars and I wasn't offended.