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San Mateo, CA
This blog is a place for NetSuite customers to discuss their experiences with NetSuite.
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The past year was a busy and exciting one for and our grantees – with a lot of highlights. We launched our official employee volunteer programs – SuiteImpact Teams and SuiteVolunteers – brought on new team members Tricia and... Continue reading
Christian Cranmer’s fascination with military antiques was a childhood hobby that led to a wildly successful business and ultimately TV stardom. Cranmer is the founder of International Military Antiques and co-star of Family Guns, a National Geographic Channel reality show... Continue reading
Online reviews, price comparisons, online product videos and feedback via social media – all available instantly, in-store from a smartphone – have profoundly changed the consumer purchasing process. Add in same-day shipping and expectations around a seamless, consistent experience across... Continue reading
When you think of consumer-facing ecommerce, you probably think of Amazon, the dominant player in online B2C retail. But Amazon and other major B2C ecommerce companies have their eyes on the B2B market as well, and they're moving in fast.... Continue reading
I joined NetSuite in August, 2010 as a solution consultant (i.e. demo guy) in the manufacturing vertical. At that time, all of the verticals were relatively young at NetSuite (the company had just switched to a “verticalized” model the year... Continue reading
Professional services organizations seeking to boost profits can look to one almost surefire strategy, according to recent research – software. Service Performance Insight, a global research and consulting company for professional services organizations found that professional services automation (PSA) software... Continue reading
According to a new study from Aberdeen Group, it pays to consistently communicate with customers across retail or B2B channels. The study, “Omnichannel Customer Care,” revealed that companies with the strongest omnichannel strategies managed to retain an average of 89... Continue reading
Manufacturers need their ERP systems to handle all aspects of their business. That includes everything from demand planning, costing, inventory and shop floor operations to HR, financials, marketing and sales. Unfortunately, not all ERP suites provide this full range of... Continue reading
The New Year is now upon us and forward-thinking retailers had better address the challenge of the omnichannel model quickly if they haven’t already. Customers expect to interact with brands through any channel, at any time, without sacrificing experience or... Continue reading
To grow their markets, distribution companies often face the challenge of providing more products and services options to their resale partners and customers. To do that, they need ERP systems flexible enough to support these increasingly complex packages. A case... Continue reading
When Brian Kabaker, chief financial officer of the HeartMath Institute, sat down to map out the nonprofit’s information systems, what he saw was “the proverbial spaghetti,” he recently recalled. He saw a FoxPro CRM system that couldn’t communicate with an... Continue reading
Great customer relationships are developed through consistent positive interactions with retailers. Retailers that understand what their customers need and want create a longer customer lifetime value and are able to provide a much more personalized and engaging brand experience. Capturing... Continue reading
A chance meeting between two strangers on a Brooklyn sidewalk sparked the idea for Found My Animal, a small, growing manufacturer of high-quality leashes, collars and accessories for dogs and other pets based in Brooklyn. The company’s founders, Anna Conway... Continue reading
At some point, just about every organization calls in an outside consultant or two to help with an ERP implementation. It might be a frantic call for trouble-shooting mid-project or, better, at the start of a project to help ensure... Continue reading
It is true what they say that big things come from small beginnings. Regardless of how big or small the contribution is, what matters at the end of the day is its impact to the community. has continuously beeninvolved... Continue reading
The significant changes that Kronos made not only to their overall business model, but also to their professional services strategy was a story ideally suited for the theme at the recent Technology Services World conference -- ‘Transformation.’ Held each year... Continue reading
Wouldn't it be nice if online searches returned exactly the results your customers needed, and with your company listed at the top? This is possible and doesn’t require a huge advertising budget to do it. What is required is an... Continue reading
Sometimes customer service reps need a little help. Whether it’s a product line that is complex, diverse, just plain large or all three, answering customer concerns can at times be an overwhelming task, particularly for new reps. That’s where knowledge... Continue reading
Professional services engagements are often lengthy and multifaceted projects, requiring different skill sets, with multiple milestones, performance goals, geographic locations, and complex billing. Without a way to analyze and manage all of these details, a professional services firm can find... Continue reading
NetSuite provides a full set of features out of the box, but every organization has business policies and automation needs that may differ from standard functionality. Software developers using SuiteScript, NetSuite’s scripting tool made up of JavaScript plus a set... Continue reading
If you're debating the benefits of cloud-based computing, consider the experience of Data Physics Corp., a San Jose, Calif.-based manufacturer of vibration and sound testing and measurement products for a wide range of industries, from aerospace and automotive to electronics... Continue reading
SkinMedix, an online retailer offering a broad range of anti-aging cosmeceuticals from more than 75 brands has enjoyed steady growth over more than a decade, with hundreds of thousands of customers in the U.S. and abroad. Yet SkinMedix recently found... Continue reading
The cloud has helped to revolutionize ERP, providing scalability, flexibility and rapid deployment for businesses of all sizes, but many companies still face a hiccup amidst all this digital automation – the ‘wet ink’ signature. Quotes, contracts, and all sorts... Continue reading
Read about the benefits of cloud computing, including scalability and lower total cost of ownership, for growing companies in the emerging ASEAN market. Continue reading
Founded in 1983, Good360 has grown to become the world’s leader in product philanthropy. Over its 30-year history, the Alexandria, Va.-based nonprofit has distributed more than $7 billion worth of goods to those in need, including goods with a fair... Continue reading