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Nicholas Netzer
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By a suggestion from my dad I started listening to your podcasts and am absolutely blow away by how compelled I am to keep listening. Your voice is calming, the narrative you have written is very followable and well paced and after a month, I'm already on episode 63. I essentially have stopped listening to music altogether in transit, instead just listening to your podcasts. I'm curious as to what got your started on this, how long it takes you to prepare each week's podcast and how you can find the time to slog through all this information? BTW... I loved Caligula's 'war' with Brittannia. Class... but I feel pretty sorry for the ppl that had to live through his reign of terror.
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2010 on 63- A Farewell to Claudius at The History of Rome
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Oct 17, 2010