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This is too humiliating to admit under my real name, but I had a similar experience with United in college a few years ago. I was a small girl in my early 20s or maybe 19. I was attempting to fly home, but the machines were not working properly. They would not let me check in. I attempted to get some help from an employee, but they just gestured to the phone. The phones were not working for me. The computers were not working for me. I still don't know what happened to my ticket, but there was simply nothing I could do by myself. I asked for help again, but they just gestured to the phone. By that time, I was just attempting not to cry as I was ignored along with the other passengers. After a long time of me fruitlessly attempting to get the machines to work for me or get anyone on the phones, the couple behind me came to my aid, angrily demanding over and over again that they assist them and me. I'll never forget the extreme indifference I witnessed that day. I've experienced many unpleasant flights since then, but United takes the cake.
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Aug 26, 2012