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Dershowitz made the point on FOX about the charges being unconstitutional Which tells me the Russians have achieved their interference through the democrats. Thos people are dupes. Landslide in November 2020 for the r's.
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Huge Torie victory and majority tonight. Wordt Labor showing since 1935. Go Boris!
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OK. The IG asks Ted Bundy "did you murder all those girls?" No, I did not says Bundy. IG reports no testimonial of a killer found.
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I sent my dismay of that Union article this morning to Don Rogers the publisher. His email came tonight and said I was a tool of the Russians. You cannot make this stuff up.
WOW! What a great week for President Trump. The democrats are self-destructing and the really good juju is Trump’s. All the hearings and accusations by the democrats mean Trump 2020 is almost a certainty. We lived through three years and an anal exam regarding the Rooskies and the democrats came up with nothing. So they tried racism, sexism and homophobia. All failed. Then a perfectly normal phone call is leaked by a traitor and mischaracterized to the willing media. When Trump released the transcript the traitor’s words were shown to be falsified and the democrats scrambled to try and save themselves. When nothing stuck the Adam Schiff show started and we saw a total abuse of power by the scoundrel Schiff. He got the rules changed so he could deny the Republicans witnesses and legal representation. He gaveled down Republican women trying to get fairness returned to the proceedings. It truly was a Schiff show of absurdity and power mongering. The when that kangaroo court was done, it went over to the next kangaroo court Chaired by a Nadler. A fellow that we all know has lifetime animus to Trump. He used the same tactics as Schiff and even had three uber partisan “constitutional scholars” come to prosecute the President. One loon even made a distasteful joke about Baron Trump. Later giving a phony apology. Without precedent, Nadler allowed a witness he called and interrogated to then climb to the dais and become a questioner. I and every honest and fair American could not believe he did this ridiculous move. And that person, Burke, as well as the three democrat witnesses were shown to be heavy donors to the democrats. Maybe a little teensy bit biased? Then today we see the democrats in the house issuing two articles of impeachment against Trump. No bribery or extortion to be found. Simply Abuse of Congress (Trump has the audacity to ask for a court ruling) and something Nadler and Schiff conjured up calling it a “abuse of power”. And that was for supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine! Now the democrats have announced they will start hearing tomorrow night at 7pm and finish in the morning with their kangaroo court rulings. Remember this is a duly elected, fair and square President. After the kangaroos vote they will send it to the Senate where it will die a deserved death. To top things off, the Nancy Pelosi cabal finally voted on the Trade Deal and my guess is they think it will divert attention from their COUP. Thanks goodness we have alternative media and the mainstream stenographers can’t get away with their lies any more. The up shot of all this is a big THANK YOU to the democrats for ensuring TRUMP gets re-elected and we gain the House and keep the Senate. The modern-day WHIG party will rue the day they tried this COUP.Great!
Trump up one 51-49
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Trump plus one today.
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George Rebane | 10 December 2019 at 08:59 AM I have no doubt the paper is a lefty. My points are I am emailing them on every story to point that out and to criticize the AP and other sources for their propaganda. I am pestering them to make them aware some are not accepting them rather than being quiet like most people are.
More AP propaganda and bias in the Union today on the IG report. Not a word that the AG and Durham disagreed or that the Steele Dossier was bogus. Amazing malpractice. I sent an email to Rogers and Hamilton. You all should as well and urge them to get rid of the AP crap.
Listening to the democrat blowhards in the kangaroo court today I have to say, Beria would be proud of Nadler and the gang. Not one fact witness and Nadler had a staffer testify as a witness then had him become a interrogator! Kangaroos are offended.
Oh BoobieC the AG and Mr. Durham have issued their statements stating the opposite of the deep state IG's report. You have failed the test.
This is a screed from a white retired lawyer who is now active in democrat politics here in our county. Amazing. Like it or not, there has been an affirmative action program in place in America from its very inception. It is a program that has given white males a leg up at the expense of all others, be they black, brown, yellow or female. Under the Constitution of 1789, only men could vote. Women were excluded from suffrage for some 130 years. Even today women are paid less than men for comparable work. Black people were denied voting rights for decades longer, and one need only look to a recent court ruling in North Carolina that newly-enacted state legislation was designed with surgical precision to suppress minority voting. To understand white male privilege, one need merely look at what the facts tell us: that if you are a white male in America there is a good chance that you are wealthier and healthier and have greater access to resources than those of a different race and gender. I chafe at the notion that the government spends money on programs for those who seem unwilling to pull themselves up on their own. At the same time, I recognize that there are many living in America who have never known the seemingly inherent benefits that come with being white and male in America. And the reason is simply because they are neither white nor male. Rather than look to blame some who are in need because of their own poor decisions, I choose to err on the side of empathy and compassion, hoping that my tax dollars will help at least some who have so little simply because of a simple “accident” of birth. I likewise chafe at government programs that assist the less advantaged both because I wish that there were no need for such government programs in the first place, and because I fear that many of those programs are ineffectual. They provide assistance and help in the short run but by failing to address the underlying reasons for income, gender and racial inequality, they only perpetuate the very ills they are meant to address. Simply put, until America decides that it wants every American to prosper, it will remain a divided bastion based on white male privilege, and our government will continue to spend taxpayer money on programs that will continue the status quo. In short, if everyone does not thrive, then none of us thrives. It’s a simple as that. By Richard Sciaroni
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Trump plus three approval today. Paul Emery is apoplectic.
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The Union today page A5. My response to their slannder on Trump. Honestly I cannot understand why you allow these "fake news" and utterly biased stories to be printed without question. Both say Trump pressured the Ukraine and its President to investigate Joe Biden. Patently false, yet you don't correct the obvious lie. And not a word that all these democrats have called for impeachment 10 hours after Trump was inaugurated in 2017. And that not one (except Sondland) are a fact witness and he confirms Trump's p[osition. All hearsay and opinion to impeach a man who received 63 million votes? Why do you persist in using the biased AP for these national stories. Heck the panel this week had four democrats three who hate Trump and one, Turley, who was actually honest. Not a word about the "expert" woman on that panel (Nadler's) that she would not walk on th sidewalk in front of the Trump Hotel in DC. And all three donated to D's. Or that she brought Trump's son Baron into her BS statement. You are shortchanging the readership with this biased fake news. Please use other sources that are fair. Here is reference in the call on Biden, if you read it any way other than stated ten you are propelling fake news. "There's a lot of talk about Biden's son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it... It sounds horrible to me." Looks like a statement of fact doesn't it? Of course because Biden did exactly that on video. Yet you never say that at all. Here is the link to the transcript. I suggest you read it one more time and if you can say the news is reporting this call correctly then you truly are part of the fake news purveyors
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GeorgeR 1255 I was elected twice to run the NCRCC in the years 1995-98. I reorganized it to implement Lincoln's organizational recommendations for elections. I found out that was as easy as herding cats. Then when I and a fellow NCRCC member bought the first computer and started an online prescence we found out we were the second ones in the State to do so. After SF's Committee. They and I went to the conventions to spread the word of the value of these computers and organizational endeavors. We were met by County Chairman who were as enthusiastic as we were. But guess what? The mucky mucks at the SAtate level were uninterested. Jim Brulte and Pete Wilson and the big boys from LA controlled it all. I personally blame them for not listening to we Chairman who were at the local and precinct levels. So it was a self-inflicted wound to start the party dying. Brulte just retired after watching us go from control to ZIP in his tenure. What a lousy record. The only way back will be overreach by the democrats and people paying attention to thier pockbooks.
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George Rebane | 05 December 2019 at 11:10 AM Don't buy into the polls regarding this. Read the underlying criteria in them and you will see most are not scientific. Also I watch many sources for reactions and man on the street type interviews. Most are not pating attention.
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Most Americans are not paying attention to this crp.
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Robet Cross | 04 December 2019 at 12:45 PM And I have a bridge to sell you idiots on the left. Those dem hacks were totally ridiculous. The babe was a total and proud uber liberal and donated to democrats and Hillary. All hacks. At least Turley was honest. A democrat that never voted for Trump. BoobieC and his ilk are ready to take over as commissars. We won't let you.
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Here is a link to the call. Only a moron would interpret the way PE does.
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Paul Emery | 04 December 2019 at 09:06 AM You are a failed partisan hack. Is the sky blue Paul Emery? Of is it a color you choose today? Amazingly ignorant and a embarrassement.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2019 on Dropout Derby - 3dec19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Paul Emery | 03 December 2019 at 09:17 PM This proves you did not listen to Biden's video. Pathetic.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2019 on Dropout Derby - 3dec19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Twilight Zone Alert!!! Democrats calling each other racists, misogynists and worse after Kamel Toes drops out today. You cannot make this stuff up. Oh and the next demoncrat debate! ALL WHITE FOLKS> What happened to identity politics pushed by those lefty circle of jerks? Thanks Paul for proving we truly are better than you and the left.
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robert Cross | 30 November 2019 at 11:43 AM BoobieC can't find one comment from any conservative on this blog stating anything but derision fo "nazi" and totalitarianism. What we can find is Boobie's afinity for those kinds of people and governance. He is simply a moron projecting his own hopes and dreams.
Just got reprimanded by Brian Hamilton of the Union for calling a commenter named Dick Sciaroni a "old fart shyster". These liberals call me much worse and I have never complained to the Union. But they seem to be snowflakes. And Dickie and his wifey Finley are de activists that trash R's and America all the time. What a hoot. Looks like Gregory has trounced Dickie in the comments and he (Dickie) sure doesn't like it. Those old lawyers sure have a thin skin.
In my research and estimation, IWOW! have concluded the mainstream media has lied about Trump and his family 13,000 times.
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