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I think he might be loose in the head about numbers. Too many hits.
More George Boardman BS.My comment. You must be writing for your echo chamber. Americans are fed up with you yellow journalists with your bias. The left are the ones that boycott and try to force people off the air and out of the business. Yet no articles by you on that. All Nunes is doing is saying "pay me money for your slander". He is not trying to banish the fools attacking him. So whine all you want about him but you are just talking to yourself. Nunes is a hero to many for exposing the lies of the left and their attempts at a coup.
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Regarding the AP Article in the Union today on Guiliani. Honestly, I read that story and guffawed. Why are there no articles about Hillary paying 11 million buck for dirt on Trump by the Russians? AP is so biased I usually just pass them by. But can you understand why many Americans are fed up with the biased reporting? Trump Tower meeting was covered extensively in the Mueller Report and nothing was suggested as to illegal anything. But Hillary through her lawyers paid for the "dossier" of lies that you never write about. Please start a "both sides" when allowing the AP to "report".
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Papa Bush lost because he renigged on his pledge about taxes. The democrats outsmarted him. And we R's punished him. Democrats would have reward a scofflaw as they do all theirs. And Bubba never got a majority as Perot took a hefty percentage from Bush and some from Bubba.
Even pencil neck Schiff is backing away from impeachment. Looks like Trump outsmarted these fools again.
Rudy explained things in a common language that cleaned up the Muller double-speak and verified Trump was collusion and obstruction free. I understand why mentally challenged democrats and their acolytes would disagree. They disagree with Jesu and God. Anyway, Trump will be re-elected as the democrats are fighting amongst themselves on how to proceed. This is so sweet. It falls into my plan.
Guliani was interviewed just now on FOX and then Schiff. Rudy has cleaned up the misinformation from the Report and Paul Emery has egg on his face again Schiff was still lying about it all. What a slime.
I always liked Horton's music. Battle of New Orleans, North to Alaska. LOL! The dud 919 is just a fool.
Page 4A of the SacBee has a ridiculous story by a NYT reporter named Sharon LaFraniere. It is so amazing that these reporters are just like Paul Emery. They are total conspiracy nuts. The article is so fallacious it hurts. We have to stop buying this crap and fire all the Professors that teach them. America is in danger.
The SacBee reported the FBI has arrested the leader AKA, Johnny Horton Jr. at the request of the New Mexico Governor
GeorgeR your updater is spot on. Americans should be outraged that Mueller spent 30 million bucks and went through a million documents and wrote a 400-page report and made such a bullshit statement about "crime". If that act doesn't show the intent of the Mueller and deep state than a person has to be brain dead. So my takeaway is FINE. Trump is exonerated and the detractors can stuff it.
Where is that comic relief called Paul Emery? He sure makes things up and some are even kinda funny. Looks like the democrats are handing 2020 to the Republicans. I have never seen such lockstep lunacy since the Watts riots.
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FISH the left have no funny bone. That is why when Trump said hey Russia if you find those emails give them to the press which we know was a joke but they took it to Mueller as a fact to investigate.
So because Trump ranted to his help about Mueller and his henchmen in the privacy of his office that is somehow "obstruction? That would turn justice on its head and make those pushing that our Gestapo. Thinking or telling someone to do something that never happened is not a crime. But it shows the desperation of the leftwing extremists like Frisch and OOZE.,
Looks like the local Fifth Columnist, Steve Frisch is feeling guilty again for his commie feelings. It's OK Stevie, Trump will help you get some mental assistance once you stop the drinking.
OOZE was a Canadian draft dodger. I saw him at the Selective Service office faking a limp and hemorrhoids and when they said he was still going to b going in, he fled. And later he got the pass from Jimmy Carter. What a coward and putz the troll truly shows he is. Sad.
Old white males fought and defeated the NAZI's and the USSR and its satellites. OOZE just forgot.
Cracks me up. The Report exonerates Trump but the people writing the report tossed in some poison pill statements to keep the democrats hopeful about impeachment and to assist their candidates in 2020. So obvious to me the deep state is undermining Trump. So now we see the poison and Trump is really hot. He allowed the Mueller scumbags to read his attorney emails and was totally transparent and this is how the scumbags leave it. Can you imagine how they would have tricked him if he was under oath? So we will all ride this out and Mueller will go down in history as a deep state dirtbag.
I went to two free speech rallies in Berkeley in 2017. I aactually saw all races there wearing there Trump attire and getting along. It was very encouraging.
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Rasmussen has Trump down two. Reuters was a bogus poll.
I like a rogue in the White House. I like Trump and I liked Clinton. They are fun and unpredictable. And the country gains.
Good one FISH, but for the Paul Emery's of the world they never admit being wrong and will simply pivot to another conspiracy. Hell he still thinks there was a guy on the grassy knoll. I stated earlier that Obama and his henchmen should be tried and hung. So even I am for a trial. LOL! Paul Emery has shown us all he is mentally ill and needs help. All the lamestream media types have this disease and the cure is the TRUTH!
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This was posted on the FUE's blog. "Chip Wilder says: April 19, 2019 at 6:06 am Public Hanging would be a good first start to get our country back from this coven of liars- Starting with Sarah Huckabee (what do you call a person whose job is to lie to the entire country for a cereal liar? How Christian!!-) and end with Barr (calling the Att. General a flak would be to kind). "
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Sandbox - 18apr19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Paul Emery is the self-described arbiter of reason? What a hoot! He is totally extreme and a mental case. But we let him spew his made up crap all the time. That is what the left does. Obama and his pals in the CIA and DOJ and FBI and others are guilty of using the country's assets against a political party and candidate. They were seditious and need to be tried and hung. Trump is the most transparent President ever and Paul Emery is such a dick he can't even give him credit. That is called dementia to disregard reality so much.
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