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And Harvard has the nerve to claim "VERITAS" as its motto. Most of the career dhimmis at the Divinity School wouldn't know "Truth" if it bit them in the butt.
Has anyone else heard of this: It was singled out for special mention in the year-end issue of Entertainment magazine which I happened to be looking through in a waiting room. The "all-American muslim" designated designer not of a rabat mosque at Ground Zero but of the reconstruction of the Ground Zero site itself, vs. the eeeeeeeeeeeevullllll "anti-Muslim activists" and other Misunderstanders of Islam. Another silly little trendy author making a bundle off something she knows absolutely nothing about but what she hear on CNN.
OT again, but I am concerned about the Aisha Kahn case in Kansas. Now that she has turned up the focus has become on blaming her for causing all this "trouble" and the commentors on HLN, who were so aggressive in going after her cousin Farouk's lies, are talking like they have been on the phone with CAIR all day. So are the cops. They are talking about whether she should have to pay for the search that was conducted and ignoring why she ran off in the first place. It's not even clear whether she is actually back with that family or still somewhere safe but under pressure to rejoin them. If this girl is handed back to her family she could be shipped back to Pakistan with the probably first cousin, arranged marriage husband and either there, or even here, end up the victim of yet another sick Muslim "honor" killing. There are certainly enough males in that extended family who could be the one to do the deed to please Allah and get the whole sorry lot of them their guaranteed place in the Islamic whorehouse paradise.
Pam, this year has been brutal financially but I'm told I've got a crisp green Christmas present coming my way this weekend and part of it is earmarked for ADFI/SIOA. That's a promise.
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Just a heads up that Nancy Grace is on the case of the missing Aisha Khan right now on HLN and is confronting the girl's lying taqiyya jockey weasel of a cousin who claimed that her marriage was a love match. Grace made him admit that the husband is from Pakistan, lived there until 6 months ago when he moved here, and has been married to Aisha for 5 months. So yes, it was an "arranged" marriage. Apparently it was also "practically the eve of her honeymoon" which the family is, of course, denying. Did this girl run for her life or is she the victim of yet another "honor" crime? Apparently the police are claiming she was abducted, but construction workers in the area claim they saw her strolling away by herself. She left cell phone messages claiming a drunk/stoner was threatening her and who she claims to have slapped and who ran away, but she never called 911. As Grace points out, her voice does not sound frightened on the call. Grace and others on the show are confronting this taqiyya-spouting cousin who is now claiming that "in our culture the bride can accept or reject the groom with no problem at all". Grace is not letting him get away with it. This is the link to the HLN site with the earlier coverage:
OT, but looks like we've got us another missing muslim: Legal commentator Nancy Grace was interviewed about this story on one of the news shows this morning and she is very suspicious, since the alleged drunk/stoned assailant was not observed by any of the witnesses, while Aisha was observed leaving the area alone. Should be interesting to watch what develops on this.
Perfected Democrat's insightful comments are right on the mark. What is happening to US is not "naivete" or mere incompetence; it is deliberate. I just started playwright David Mamet's "The Secret Knowledge" which deals with the same issues and although I've only read a couple of chapters it appears to be a statement by another recovering liberal who has seen the truth of what is happening, and is telling that truth with all his well-known incisiveness. Imagine an America with John Bolton as either VP or Secretary of State! And, did anyone else pick up on this story yesterday: Walid Phares was discussing it with the news anchor on FOX this morning and they pointed out that Hezbollah has a lot of concealed presence in this country just waiting for the word to commence jihad should active conflict break out between us and Iran. Of course we've known about that for years, but most people don't have a clue. And what, if any, effect will this change of power and/or possible turmoil in NoKo have on their nuke buddy Iran?
Thanks for this respectful remembrance, Pam. It is tragic that Hitchens died so young. His moral outrage against the irrational nature of Islam and the vile deeds of its mind-slaves should have set the example for all thinking people in the West to follow, but a lot of them prefer to stop thinking when Islam is mentioned. (And not a few, when any religion is mentioned.) We don't know what the outcome of that closed-door censorship planning session with Hellary and the OIC is yet, but I can just imagine what Hitch would have had to say about it.
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Been wondering why there hasn't been any official report of what was decided at that meeting. This incident makes that delay even more ominous.
And, in the "Obama says 'Respect it!' department: I live next door to Salem, MA. They've got more "witches" than the whole of Saudi Arabia, and it would be fun to turn a batch of those fat, towelheaded, robed and sandaled desert savages loose downtown minus their scimitars and without a chance of applying their stinking sharia law, and let our local witchy ladies have at 'em.
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Yes! Wow! I'm used to going off and making coffee while waiting for Atlas to load. But it's always well worth the wait, so do whatever is best for yourself and the site, Pam.
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Going to "shame" us out of using our right to free speech to expose and denouce the most vicious excuse for a theology ever to savage the people of this world, are they? WHEN. PIGS. FLY... through the front doors of the damned mosques on Friday and up the lifted arses of the slaves of Allah therein. Put that on your damned agenda, Hellary.
If only we had not passed over the warning of our own "Pearl Harbor" on 9/11/01 what a different world it might be today. On that Sunday when she heard the news my mother called her fiance, my dad, who was in the US Army Reserves, and asked him what this attack on Pearl meant. "It means I'm on active duty", my dad replied. Which is what it should have meant on 9/11/01, in the same sense and degree that it did on 12/07/41. Not a "war on Japanese fighter pilots" or a "war on terror by those who have hijacked a religion of peace", but an all-out war on totalitarian regimes intent on our defeat and subjugation. Less than 5 years after Pearl was hit we had achieved victory. Ten years after 9/11 our Defense Department is defining as "workplace violence" the murder of its soldiers by a Muslim traitor in its ranks and the enemy's strength grows with every Muslim Brotherhood-dominated "election" in the wake of the "Arab Spring". REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR will one day be joined by REMEMBER 9/11. It's just going to take longer this time.
Look what just happened in Florida: I suppose Gutless Gutman thinks this is Israels' fault too? If nothing else, Gingrich is raising the bar on the debate and forcing the rest to rise to his level. Don't agree with him on some things, but there is no question that he will put this country first and defend justice against the lies and aggression of Islam. Seconding Richard's cabinet picks for whoever beats Hussein. It might be a bit premature for West as Secretary of Defense, but by all means get him into the pipeline.
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Which verse of the Krayon is it (or Hadith, I don't feel like looking it up) that exhorts the members of Allah's Umma gang to be generous with each other (meaning men only, of course -- though one should be "kind" to women because they are prisoners and slaves of men and can't defend themselves) -- but to kill all those who refuse to bow down to their nightmare god and his designated psychotic delusionoid Big Mo'? Observe all the "he's a very nice and kind man" and "we value peace and mercy and justice and development" b.s. from this arrogant tyrant who has just been released upon the world to wreak whatever new havoc he has in mind. Western dhimmi fools listened to the weasel words of men such as this and trumpeted the "Arab Spring" and pretentious pseudojournalist morons such as Joe Klein giddily reported on all the eager young fans of American Jeffersonian democracy who were going to bring freedom to Egypt. And because they wrote most of this on their laptops sitting on their butts at the bars in the American-safe hotels and refused to listen to what was really being said or look at what was really happening in Tahrir Square they are all agog at the Islamic nightmare their Arab Spring is turning into. Now everyone in Egypt who is not a mouth-foaming Muslim, all the secular and Coptic and Westernized Egyptians, are staring legalized enslavement, murder and exile in the face, and the Western media and all the rest who have refused to recognize what Islam really is, will have the blood of these innocents on their hands.
Well, what other kind of Jew could Hussein be expected to appoint if not a judenrat? "Traditional anti-semitism" -- and isn't that an interesting description? -- can thank Islam for much of its longevity. The "conflict" between Israel and "palestinians" is a RESULT of "traditional" anti-semitism, not a cause of some new brand. We can only hope that whoever is elected next November -- assuming that the country does not go certifiably insane and return Hussein to office -- will clean most of this dhimmi deadwood out of its various posts and some level of sanity will return. OT, but with all the b.s. we have to watch and read about every day, I'd like to recommend the WIN! section of the site as a source of fun and spirits-lifting short videos. A brief selection: "FIVE MINUTE GETAWAY" IS SWEET TOO: Some imam, somewhere, can probably find a reason to issue a fatwa against this, if only because Islam hates beauty, inventiveness, music, and fun.
Observing the tables full of bagheads and their muslim lords and masters looking up to their dear friend Hussein, we might pause and take a gander at what the British are up against: At least they don't have a Muslim as Prime Minister yet. We've got one as President. That is going to have to be rectified a year from now or we'll be headed down the same road to Islamic hell as the UK in a handbasket with no brakes.
With early reports indicating that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt may win as high as 40% of the seats in that soon to be Islamic disaster area of a country's elections, this 4-part documentary (I received via email earlier this week) on the Brotherhood featuring candid comments by MB members and opponents in Egypt and Europe is especially important. This would be a great series of videos to get a skeptical friend to watch if they are still open to learning the truth about the aims and strategies of the MB.
Herman is a sweetie and a breath of fresh air in discussions about the economy. but I think he has an eye for the ladies. And if he dumped his mistress 8 months ago to run for POTUS and that old hell-hath-no-fury maxim came back to haunt him, he has nobody to blame but himself. In itself, that shouldn't be enough to disqualify him. If it was, half the presidents in our history would have to be chucked out. What is much more important is that he appears to be semi-clueless about Islam and foreign policy in general, and POTUS should not be an earn-while-you-learn job, especially on that issue. (As opposed to Hussein, who never had any intention of learning any thing useful.) But we'll sure miss him.
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No woman of self-respect should ever agree to be chattel in the eyes of ANY religion. No excuse, traditional, supernatural, or "cultural", justifies treating a woman as anything less than a human being fully equal with a man. Any religion that forgets that commits the same injustices that characterize the essence of Islam -- it is only a matter of degree. Keep to the high ground. Islam has chosen to occupy the low, leave it to them.
Another blogsite is under attack by the islamothugs at CAIR. Bare Naked Islam has been suspended by WordPress from posting news stories until the issue is resolved, but comments can still be made on their last post, where details of the CAIR complaint are also posted. The link is: If you can, please help BNI by sending and email to WordPress supporting them and exposing the criminal nature of CAIR. Details are in the posts in the comments section. BNI is an exceptional, fearless site and it would be a dangerous victory for CAIR if those criminals succeeded in shutting it down.
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Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2011 on MuslimBrotherhoodophobia at Atlas Shrugs
There has been another "honor killing" in Pakistan, this time of a couple living in the West. It is getting scant coverage here so far, but the UK media is all over it. Here's the report from the Daily Mail. Why the heck these people go anywhere near their families especially in Pakistan or any other Islamic hellhole knowing that they are at risk is beyond me.
I was actually glad that Paul said something so utterly, irredeemably stupid at the end there, demonstrating that he really hasn't a clue what militant Islam is all about or how to fight it, because a couple of times earlier he actually made rational comments and I started worrying that I'd have to rethink this whole Apocalypse End of the World thing because who would have thought? I thought Gingrich won, Bachmann sounded really good, Romney showed he is clueless on Afghanistan/Pakistan, Perry is paying attention to what is going on with our southern border and elsewhere in South America, Cain is definitely going to get to keep on doing what he does best which is run businesses, and the other guys had their moments. Now, you really have to hit CNN between the eyes with a hideous Islamic moment of insane, evil cruelty towards women by Islam for them to notice, but they just did and here it is: Oh, and look what we've got in the next town over from where I live: You have to click on the WBZ radio arrow to get the best part. I was alerted to this by a tv interview with two talking heads from the rehab hospital who proudly declared that they haven't got a clue who these guys are, the North Shore Islamic Center handled that little detail with the people in Libya. Do google Spaulding Rehab North Shore Libya if you want more info on this. I just wish I could afford to get me another couple dozen of those "Outlaw Sharia" stickers that look so nice on the backs of Stop signs and phone trees.
It has got to bring a tear of joy to the eye of any present or former New Yorker to see Con Ed actually make itself useful for a change! And throwing a gang of muslim supremacists out of a substation is just a beautiful thing...