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Mar 15, 2010
Whoohoo! Cannot wait to party with all the ladies I have not yet met. Oh, and those other ones too.
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The thing that bugged me about last night's episode (besides, um, all of it) was the part when Jon was bitching about Kate being away from home because she was working. She wrote a book, she was promoting the book (I'm assuming, that's what the show made it seem like), so unless she said, "Listen, I'm leaving. You're staying. Deal with it." and then shackled him to the home, it sounds like a lot of relationships I know where one spouse travels occasionally for their job and the other stays close to home to care for the kids. WTF was his problem with that? He felt emasculated because his wife was working and he wasn't?? About being a stay-at-home dad?? It's 2009, bud, lots of men do it quite well. However, if he's resentful because she's more famous than he is, that is a completely different green-eyed animal. /rant Gawd, these people make my teeth itch.
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