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Dave Wilcox
PhD student @ UW Madison (social media+political/civic engagement). Former ad agency media strategist. Mac fanatic, music & media junkie.
Interests: media, new media technologies, hockey, photography, politics, scotch
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What a wonderful string of recollections, Tim. For an art director, you're a pretty good writer. And thanks for the flashback... when we were all youngsters at NH&S. I hope I can make it to Schuba's for Brad's memorial.
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Excedrine Migraine isn;t much different from what Excedrine has always been... aspirin and caffeine. The migraine version just adds is some acetaminophen (aka Tylenol). Best advice: buy the generics and concoct your own blend of tablets depending on circumstance. (Yeah, my partner -- a doctor -- will again disclaim any responsibility for my blather and accuse me of practicing medicine without a license.)
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Hmmm. A rebate. Since the degree was granted back in 1981 (Drake's centennial year!) I'm not sure they'll be open to that idea. Actually, I know for a fact that Drake has an excellent J-school and advertising/PR program. It is truly a fine university, despite the admissions staff's misfire. Not every marketing campaign is a winner.
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Mar 15, 2010
Nothing like scaring people into being polite. Sounds rather Orwellian. Guns don't kill people. Morons with guns kill people.
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This has been a great post for traffic on Kerfuffle. Nice to see that some comments too, including the one from a woman another commenter suggested was Rusty's mom. Funny. Good to know that most people know the difference between slander and libel, though apparently not one of you. Here's hoping Kent Davis, President and CEO of First Capital Bank, realizes what a jerk he has for a loan officer.
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Hmmm. I have been thinking of dumping TypePad myself in the past week. This upgrade is anything but. I have been poking around Wordpress and think you may be going in the right direction.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2008 on Huge Blog Problems at Free the Animal
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We must not have been given the same upgrade. I think it is terrible! To be sure, if it worked the way it looks like it should, I would be singing its praises. But it is a train wreck. I find it really irritating that they would just drop it on users with no warning, make self-congratulatory statements about it. I sure hope they can get it fixed soon.
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Thanks for the picture of Paul, Tim. I can hear him stretch out that "zeeero" as if he was sitting next to me. I'm going to link to it from my blog. Hope that's cool. We were both lucky to have known Paul. Really lucky. Dave Wilcox
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