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The British people also saw George W. Bush as a greater threat to world peace than Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong-Il. They complain no matter what American presidents do. A British paper called Americans dumb when Bush was reelected over John Kerry. (We certainly dodged a bullet, there.) Now they complain that Obama is 'weak', when he is doing exactly what many Europeans want?
'You see.... the other question is what did we do to prevent it? He was the news media's and the liberal left's "Golden Boy" - We held no one accountable for the lies they told, the rotting garbage they passed off as "truth". We didn’t do anything then and we're not doing anything NOW!' Lynn, what were we supposed to do? Thw problem with rule of law is things don't always turn out the way you want them. People who live in democracies get the government they deserve. Obama didn't just spring up out of nowhere. He (or his ilk) has been a long time coming.
Give me Santorum over either Newt or Mitt. I don't trust either of them. I don't believe a word they say. Newt is not exactly conservative and his ability to debate Obama won't be sufficient to win many people who are not already inclined to vote Republican. Newt is many things, but a uniter is not one of them. Remember the 'right wing social engineering' jab at Paul Ryan. Didn't Newt hold the House vote open for hours to get the majority he needed for the Medicare drug benefit? Re UPDATE: Florida is a closed primary (only registered Republicans can vote), so how can anyone say independents voted for Paul or Romney? Even if Romney IS Obama light, that has to be an improvement over full-strength Obama.
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"A furious Turkey warned of damage to its ties with the US ..." Careful what you wish for, Turkey. You might get it. If only the US had warned Ankara of the damage to bilateral ties on the eve of the Iraq war. Turkey once dreamt of joining the EU. Here's hoping they're thrown out of NATO. There are better words to describe Turkey than "ally". Better, but not necessarily flattering.
And yet the nuts are still saying that 9/11 was an inside job! Obama's dearest wish remains to put Bush and Cheney on trial. It's certainly the wish of many of his supporters.
Andy certainly looks happy but what's wrong with Boehner? Is his drink okay?
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2009 on Schmoozing at Atlas Shrugs
“I’ve restored America’s standing in the world… History will bear me out, or not.” His new title is "Comic in Chief". The last two words of that quote made it go from pompous to just plain laugh-out-loud FUNNY!
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2009 on Nuts at Atlas Shrugs
Democrats are still complaining about the "stolen elections" of 2000, 2002 and 2004. If they lose, the election was stolen. No election won by a Democrat is ever stolen. It's "the will of the people".
"The statement said American authorities asked for the man's arrest and are seeking to have him extradited." Why? He's from Somalia. Revoke his American residency and confiscate his passport. Whatever you do, PLEASE don't bring him back here. We don't need him here. He's obviously not here to live in peace and freedom. Send him home to Somalia.
"I know some people are saying [it means] soldier of Allah," he said. "Is that any more troubling than saying I’m a servant of Christ?" In a word: YES!
"Unfortunately, based on past experience, we also urge American Muslims, and those who may be perceived to be Muslim, to take appropriate precautions to protect themselves, their families and their religious institutions from possible backlash." When there is an American backlash, you'll know it. The world will know it.
He received a poor evaluation at Walter Reed. Why was he still in the army? At the very least, why wasn't he given a general discharge? Sure he got an education at taxpayers expense but was keeping him in the service worth losing a dozen loyal Americans?
"Death to dictators". I shudder every time I see Iranians demonstrate. Always it is "death to" someone. Is that all they know? Threaten to kill those with whom you disagree? Call me cynical, but I remain unconvinced that they want to be on good terms with the US. Now they're using Bush's mantra, telling Obama either he's with them or with the government. What do they want from the great satan? Iranians got in bed with the mullahs all by themselves. They're going to have to get out of that bed the exact same way.
Don't blame our president for the actions of people in another sovereign country. The Nicaraguan Supreme Court nullified the law, after an appeal by Nicaraguan mayors. Chavez got pretty far despite the opposition of George W. Bush. Are we to believe that Obama convinced the SC of Nicaragua to do what it did? No way! Are we to believe that Obama's opposition to such a move would have prevented it? Show us how. Contrary to world opinion, things can happen in the western hemisphere without a wink and a nod from Washington.
Freedom go to hell? WHY are these people allowed to remain in the West?
Okay, so he's being tried for libel in a Canadian court over something he said and did in the USA? Isn't libel a civil offense? Couldn't he have avoided it simply by refusing to travel to Canada? Why didn't McMaster have to sue him in an American court? There's something wrong here.
What did he do? What is the charge? What is the law that was violated? He said it could have gone away with an apology. To whom and for what?
From the picture, they could be seen as worshipping the US Capitol! Muslims bowing down before a symbol of the infidel in the land of the great Satan? Rejoice! They've seen the light! They realize that their freedom is thanks to the American people who fought to make this a country that would welcome them. (Would that it were true!)