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God needs Head and Shoulders It rarely snows in Vancouver and when it does it is a big deal. You see it on the mountains and North Van gets it sometimes, but Vancouver proper is another story all together. It is snowing on my block, right now. I point out... Continue reading
What were you afraid of as a child that seems silly to you now? Submitted by navelgazer. The song Eleanor Rigby by the beatles. My pentecostal Aunt Clara. (doesn't seem silly to me, even now) The death of my parents. Cleaning fluids. (now I collect them like butterflies) Continue reading
I had found an artist's call on the BC Alliance for the Arts website for an upcoming show that was to be part of an entire day of presentations coordinated by the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter. The event would be held at the Main Branch of the Vancouver... Continue reading
What books did you love as a child? Submitted by hearts. Mrs. Pigglewiggle The Ghosts Who Went to School (I have been making this a script for a movie in my head for the last 5 years) Most anything by Ray Bradbury Biographies like Jenny Lind and Her Listening Cat... Continue reading
Audio: Show us cover art or share a track from the first band or solo artist you flipped for. Submitted by Red Pen. D.J. David Bowie Here is how the story goes: 1973 - I was dorking around JC Penney at the newish McCain Mall in North Little Rock. Back... Continue reading
Her Baggage I finished this a few weeks ago and submitted it to a show. I haven't heard from the show curators, so I am going to assume it was not accepted. I have never entered a show and not received a rejection notice or acceptance notice. There is usually... Continue reading
I had only seen a black squirrel once before, in New York's Central Park. It was wet and looked like it had been swimming in an oil slick so I thought it was just dirty. Friendly Squirrel This guy ran right up to me. Kindred spirits? Little Goth Squirrel meets... Continue reading
What's your favorite heartbreak song? Submitted by esta86. I Bleed for You [Live] Nobody does anguish better than Johnny Indovina... HUMAN DRAMA - Fourteen Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Four Days Later Continue reading
I just drove across Kansas and Colorado with David Sedaris. Just me, the husband, the cat, the cat's litter box and David Sedaris. We were packed into the car the way a person with OCD might arrange Tetris blocks. Obsessively efficient. When I pack the car, I do it the... Continue reading
It's that time of year again. Chalk My photos of the event did not turn out very well...I think the focus is going on my camera. But if you want to see some EXCELLENT shots and some really great costumes go here: Parade of Lost Souls - Vancouver Continue reading
Tim wanted to stick around the good old USA for the election. We took the 12 bus across the river to the Doug Fir Lounge. I have to tell you, the Jupiter Motel and the Doug Fir Lounge are freakin' BRILLIANT ideas. All the things I love are rolled in... Continue reading
Show us something made from snow. Submitted by lazywong. The Saddest Snowmans, ever... Snowmans Continue reading
The husband got me a new cd for my Birthday. Lila Downs - Shake Away. If the name doesn't sound familiar, she was in that Frieda Kahlo movie. I have another cd (Tree of Life) of hers that I bought after seeing the film - she was that enchanting. I... Continue reading
So, I've been living in Canada for about 5 years and ever so often I have to remind myself about this. I say it that way because life here isn't that much different than in the States (ooooh, Canadians don't like that kind of talk). Truth is Vancouver is a... Continue reading
Show us who you idolized as a teenager. Still sort of do... ThinWhiteDuke Continue reading
I just spent new years and my birthday in bed with the vertigo. This year I actually made plans to do a few things...but was unable to do them due to everything spinning and the fear or projectile vomiting. Well, as the husband said as I lie in bed, green... Continue reading
A.A. Milne, the author best known for his books about Winnie-the-Pooh, was born on this day in 1882. To celebrate his birthday, show us which Winnie-the-Pooh character you think you're most like. I don't think I'm like any of them and I was never much of a fan - but... Continue reading
He's just that funny. The Nasty Show 2 Seriously, the guy with the dummy...not so funny. Nick di Palo...pretty danged funny. Joe de Rosa...relatively funny. Patrice O'Neal? Ferkin' Hilarious. I was cryin'. Continue reading
I had a particularly odd one last night. Very intricate and I am sure I am not remembering the whole thing. But what I do remember is that the dream was about a hurt hummingbird. The bird was sick or hurt or something was wrong with it. I took the... Continue reading
I was in the backyard of my place where I grew up - standing in the area that was my father's garden. It was muddy and nothing was growing but patches of grass. I walked toward the back of the house and I noticed that someone was building a structure... Continue reading
Do you hold grudges against people? Tell us about an incident if you do, and if you don't, tell us how you rise above it. Submitted by Sophie. Is it considered a grudge if you simply wipe them from your radar...forget you ever knew them...Stop being their friend. Or does... Continue reading
Yeah, that was me. I was the person who walked around the duvet aisle just as you yanked that expensive sheet set out of the plastic wrap. I saw you toss the wrap to the floor but you stopped trying to stuff the sheet set in your bag when you... Continue reading
and why you are an idiot if you are against it. Well, not really an idiot - but maybe you aren't seeing the big picture. Awhile back I asked (on my facebook page) for someone to explain to me the hub bub over same sex marriage. I honestly do not... Continue reading
Ok, so I am not a Trek fan, but you can not be my age and not know SOMETHING about the original show. It's pop culture. So here is my quick review as a person not all that interested in Star Trek... If I had to choose a favorite character... Continue reading
August 25th, 7 a.m. the phone rang. I hadn't been asleep long. My sleep is erratic, at best. Some nights I fall out by midnight, some times I lie awake, listening to the radio until the room gathers light and I hear crows squawking in the alley. When I do... Continue reading