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Very cool. I knew they required submittal of this information at the purchasing stage (it's CA law), but not on an ongoing basis. DC was the first place to require ongoing reporting, but this was only for public buildings. Here's a piece on that from BuildingGreen:
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Kathleen, this is fantastic news. It seems like the major changes aren't about content but about communication and clarity. I see this as key as I get many questions (and am at times confused myself) at the ID vs IPD distinction. We are also working with the GSA to integrate the Green Firm Certification into RFP's. Similar to LEED, Certification recognizes other initiatives such as LEED, IP version 2.0, EnergyStar, etc but rather than evaluating a project it evaluates the firm's capability to deliver sustainability services. This seems right up your alley, so I encourage you to at least watch a short video about Certification here: Cheers, Aaron
This is a great list. Thanks Neil. If you or your readers are interested, there's a green product pledge asking designers, owners and other building professionals to commit to ending greenwashing. Sign it at
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Jun 1, 2010