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Brisbane, Australia
Hi. I am Ngaire, (pronounced Nigh-re). 45 year old swimming, elite suburb walker, mama, tattoo fancier, collector of lovely things, truth speaker & cancer buttkicker. Brisbane, Australia
Interests: Today i started on a new blog. I am not sure I am ready or even if it will be any good. But I have a need to write. and so i am starting at the beginning of my breast cancer thang... and just writing about it. Some of you suggested writing a book, and while the pure thought of a book that covers this subject really appeals to me, frankly the chances of it ever getting published are very few. Having written/created two books in the past, I know how easy it is to lose the message and indeed myself, in the writing of books. This way the only person I am beholding to, is me. no censorship . exactly what I want to say , when I want to say it. I am hoping it will be a resource ( of sorts) for younger women facing what i am facing, one that encourages them to ride the wave, and fight the fucker till it's dead. and they are not. Something they can relate to, with no bullshit, No talks of "journeys" no weak smiles and head tilts, and no fucking pink ribbons. I will share stuff that helped, and stuff that didn't. I will write honestly about every aspect of every day i lived. it wont be delicate. or sugar coated. it will be real , and passionate, and I am excited about it. once I get a few posts up I will share the link, and I hope that if you know anyone who could benefit from it, you might share it with them? Because frankly, when all is said and done, If I can make someone else's fight that little bit easier, that is far better than 60 cents a copy for a book sold, any day of the week.