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Powerful post on so many levels. I think the concept "networked authoritarianism" works. It connotes "franchise authoritarianism" where private actors (with licenses) are asked to assist and implement policies. It also connotes "IT network authoritarianism" and the actual network nature of where this authoritarianism takes place: the social, give-and-take nature of the internet. I think another aspect is "decentralized authoritarianism" -- just as the internet itself is decentralized, the CCP and Chinese government is highly decentralized, more so than most would think based on Western conceptions of the Chinese government. Finally, the word "networked" also connotes "resilience" to me -- systems designed to be redundant and not prone to single points of failure -- maybe also "adaptable". Bottom line is I feel like this is a winning concept. It did not immediately grab my attention (it is less glitzy and probably needs a slightly sexed-up formulation) but after having been brought to my attention by Bill Bishop (@niubi) I totally got it and thought about how much better it is than cybertarianism. Looking forward to more on this. Thanks again for blogging this.
John, I am so appreciative of this post. I can be obsessive and I can be passionate, and the distinctions in kind you draw between these two states help me cultivate passion, while watchfully avoiding obsession. I'm afraid we haven't had a chance to see each other since your Supernova mixer pitch about 6-12 months back, but I wish you well. Thanks for this post -- it was a blessing.
Shel, Thanks for sharing this, and for sharing how your perspective has changed over your life of this battle, and that at this point you've started the process of reframing this away from "losing the battle" to a "genetic necessity" and the best way to treat your condition. I wish you the best in this process, my friend. I wish I had some wisdom to share...I hope for many blessings to you in 2010.
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Dec 26, 2009