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His offense and playing 81 games a year in Fenways LF more then makes up for the 81 games he has to play in LF on the road.
Hey if Bay wants to play for Boston and win then Theo should tell him fine, but on Boston's terms. Then re offer the fair offer they gave at 4 years. Trade Hermida and use Cameron as the 4th OF and have a very good OF that allows you to rest the starters a little bit more over the season. I rather have Bay as the everyday LF over Cameron.
The payroll figure isn't very accurate. As is stated at the bottom of the chart, the values are listed as averge per years not the actual 2010 value so guys like Youkilis, Pedroia and Lester who are making less then the average in 2010 drag the total up. The contracts of Lester, Pedroia, Youkilis and Matsuzaka actually inflate the 2010 payroll by about 11 million because he averaged the salaries
As I said the day he was designated. The Sox would complete the trade deal with him to the Mets once the season ended and before the 10 days were up. Theo knew what he was doing.
I guess I was right last week when I said this would happen after Boston designated Carter.
Wrong. In 2006 after the final day of the regular season Boston traded Adam Stern to Baltimore as the PTBNL in the trade for Javy Lopez. 10/3/2006 Boston Traded Adam Stern to Baltimore to complete a prior deal for Javy Lopez.
The season ends in less then 10 days. Once that happens players can again be traded. Next Monday Boston can send Carter to the Mets to complete the trade before the 10 day period is over.
It doesn't mean no one else claimed him. AL Teams get priority on AL Player placed on waivers... so NL teams could have claimed him but the Yankees would win the claim.
crunchy, While I dont know for sure I would assume the events went similar to this. Sometime prior to August 4th or even August 4, the Nationals placed him on waivers. During the game on August 4 (based on when his DL stint is retroactive to) he was injured and then placed on the DL the next day. The claiming team put in the claim sometime after he was placed on waivers and before he was put on the DL. One would assume the team had no idea at the time he was hurt either because it came before the injury or after the injury but before it was known how serious it was. My guess is that the rules would prohibit the Nationals from knowingly sending an injured player to another team on a waiver claim. If they had allowed it to proceed and the claiming team realized he was hurt and complaint would be filed with MLB. Eventually Washington would have had to return the waiver fee to the claiming team and likely face a fine from MLB. Aside from that they would also have a bad reputation when it comes to other teams. Washington did the right thing and I applaud them for not trying any funny business. Of course such a move wouldn't have been anything new for Washington.
I wouldn't write off Lowrie yet, but he's very close to being labeled injury prone.
According to Tony Massarotti on The Sports Hub, Gonzalez has a clause in his contract where he can reject the option if it is exercised.
Red Sox also get $1.1 million cash from the Reds.
well facekdr, I would assume the team may not have been aware. If they weren't then it certainly was a respectful move by Washington not to let the claim go through.
Wow Verducci is advocating dumping an injured player on a team? Was the team aware he was hurt when they made the claim. If not could they have backed out of the claim when they found out he was hurt?
Source tells WBZ's Dan Roche says a source tells him the Sox discussed Guzman, but did not put in a claim.
Eddie, I think the post is still a bit off. All we know is that Boston put in a claim for Guzman, not that every team ahead of them didn't. I haven't seen anything that said the Sox won the claim, so realistically any of the 27 teams ahead of them may have also placed a claim.
Boston isn't going to use Guzman as the lead off hitter if they do in fact get him. This is the Red Sox and the reason they took Ellsbury out of the lead off spot earlier this season was his OBP. Now that he is constantly around .350 why would they go and drop him to 9th and put a guy at lead off who has a career .309 OBP? Ain't going to happen.
Bob Ryan's thoughts are flawed, unless he was calling to totally do away with trades. In a way the deadline limits the purchasing power of the rich and limits them from getting richer.
LaRoche has no value for a team selling because he is a FA after the season. On the flip side a team buying would be unlikely to ship a starting pitcher who is an upgrade over what Boston already has. Likely that Martinez is being acquired more for catcher then 1B
My guess is that all the teams in on Halladay likely kicked tired on Hernandez since they were already discussing boatloads of prospects with Toronto. Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Rangers and Tigers are likely the teams that inquired about Hernandez.
According to an update at the link in the post, a deal is expected to be announced in the morning and that Seattle has bought, not sold..... Seriously? Ugh Seattle has no shot at anything this year, what a waste.
Rule #1, never post anything as legitimate without a link to a reliable website...(that excludes WEEI twitter accounts lol) Don't try to beat others to it, make sure you have a reliable source, and clearly we learned tonight the comments section of MLBTR isnt reliable :p
BaseballFan... What you posted doesnt even matchup with the link. The link talks about a three way deal with Tampa, Seattle and Cleveland.
LMAO some idiot read the garbage here and actually posted the Seattle/Boston phony trade on SoSH lol