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I was told I could keep my stapler
Stop trying to destroy DVD rentals. Nao. I have zero interest in streaming, and I guess I'm just a cavewoman to them.
Nope I have terrible eyesight. Plus bad hearing. So subtitles on a phone? Nope.
They don't pay bonuses to their workers or Hastings?
The last movie I went to in a theater was The Thing. I went on a Saturday at around 11 am. There were only a few people there, and it was quiet! I was amazed. I refuse to buy drinks at the concession stand, so I stop by a convenience store and smuggle in a health drink in my purse. The reason I don't go to the theater more often? I'm not interested in most movies, or I can wait for Netflix. Also, I don't know why parents take babies and toddlers to R rated movies, but a crying baby makes me want to leave.
I'm disabled so driving to a Redbox is out, I relied on the DVDs by mail since our DSL is slow but it's cheap. I used to be able to get 8 DVDs a month, and I have BluRay access. If this USPS crap gets approved, I'd be lucky to get 4 DVDs a month! What a ripoff.
Married With Children Season 10 and probably 11 if I can get some major Netflix time in
This is why I like older movies, even on Instant Watch. Newer movies tend to be low quality. But don't worry! Yogi Bear is coming soon.
"Martyrs" Jesus!
Queued Dexter's Lab
Too pricey for me. I think Netflix and Pandora are just fine for me. I use my BluRay and Wii for streaming. For 300 I could get an Xbox 360 or PS3!
I've had "King of Masks" in my IW for months. I was watching XFiles, and now am on Season 4 of Married with Children. Doesn't look like I'll be watching King anytime soon.
Woohoo, all seasons of Married with Children!
Do you HAVE to buy every single episode from Itunes for the Apple TV?
So "Suck" is available tomorrow for Instant, right? It says Saved.
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Sep 27, 2010