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Qwikster sounds like the name of a convenience store. It doesn't make sense to separate the companies and the queues when some are using both. I smell sell off. I went DVD only with the price change. I never used streaming, because I don't have the bandwidth to do so. I'm in a rural area, so RedBox and the like would be an hour roundtrip. Paying a monthly fee for delivery is a lot cheaper than the gas money and my time to make that trip. Netflix also has a wide variety of DVDs versus local rental shops that aim for new releases to make more money. I'm not in a huge rush for the latest blockbuster, I'm often not interested in them at all, but there's often not much else to choose from. I've been wondering if streaming is more about having stuff there people will watch simply because it's there instead of having what they want, due to contracts coming and going? I've seen a lot of comments along the lines of people being more casual viewers of streaming versus specifically selecting DVD titles. When I could see what was available for streaming, I'd estimate only 10% was, which isn't enough. So I'll be a reluctant Qwikster customer (still a stupid name, did the folks who renamed SyFy and Cloo have anything to do with it?), at least for a while, to see if it's worth anything. If not, interlibrary loan at the local library might be worth it for older titles I can't find elsewhere.
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Sep 19, 2011