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Well done - I hope you can relax a bit this weekend :) It's pleasing that the designer has come forward and admitted it (there really was never any doubt) - and for that they deserve a measure of respect, as he/she could easily have been thrown to the wolves. I have a small degree of sympathy for GatherNoMoss who will have been equally deceived, but their initial response was dismissive. Paperchase, however, is a different matter. Sure, they will have been lied to - and it is probably quite true that they bought the design 'in good faith'. But that is not relevant to their attitude. For a large company, they could have dealt with this much, much better. They have known about this for months, but it is quite telling that they only woke up (and then only just!) once the Twitterstorm hit. What happens now? Perhaps Paperchase - while not admitting liability for the plagiarism - will put their products back on sale (and save them being destroyed) and pay you a royalty or an ex-gratia payment. I think that would be the best approach for them if they want to salvage their reputation. If they continue to ignore this, or think it is all now resolved, then it will do them no good. Personally I think they will do nothing at all. In any case, you can (maybe) take some comfort from creating a turning-point in the power of Twitter and brands' approach to their reputation online :)
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Feb 12, 2010