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Nicholas Pirro
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Theres a 3rd kind of person. The one that has thought of themselves above everyone else, and then gotten to the point where they look around and realize they're completely alone, having either looked passed the people they believed were noninfluential and stepped on the rest for their own personal gains. At that very pinnacle decided it was in the best interests of all to change their thinking, which includes opening up to people and wanting to explore the past that seemed to just breeze by and wanting to change the way other people viewed life that are currently living on a similar path. Change is only as difficult as you make it and you always have a choice, even if the choices that have presented themselves to you seem convoluted and not "fantastic". I am that "3rd type of person". So I speak in complete confidence when I say " Be the vehicle for positive change" be it in your own life or in the lives of others.
Witty rhyme scheme... think I wouldn't highlight that first and foremost? As far as peoples perception and a lack of interest for sharing yours at times....well, thats just people being people, wrapped so tightly around their own lives to envision themselves viewing the world through the eyes of another would take too much more effort than they could muster, so don't let it thwart your efforts, we don't want them reading anyway;) Shine like a prism in all light; be it the bright of the day or the dark of the night.
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Jul 1, 2011
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