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Charles you are awesome my friend!! You and all the rest at Sun News Network... Although I could do without Sid Ryan's idiocy on Wednesday evenings. But that's why you folks rock. We actually here both sides. I guess letting Sid the marxist speak tells all. To me he's very slappable though Charles. As are most leftists. I'm in your generation (55) and feel like I'm part of your team at SNN. I work online and have a home business in TO. Kicked from the job market at 50 or so I put my head down and bum up and went to work reinventing myself at 50. No government help Charles! I'm "creating my own economy" now with multiple income streams Charles. Hardest thing I've done in my life as we parked our car temporarily (had one since 1976) to live within our means. No we don't have a printing press like some folks. What's interesting is that my wife of 20 years and I never watched news since we knew it was censored obviously. Now we watch you guys when we have time and actually enjoy watching news. Thanks man and let's keep educating the "sheeple."
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Oct 28, 2011