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This makes my heart sing and cry all at once! Soon Josh will be home!!!!!
This is amazing! For the past couple of years I've been dealing with ovarian and cervical issues which cause a LOT of pain during *that time*. On the regular, my cats will sleep between my boyfriend and I, or at our feet. My oldest cat, our girl The Meows, ALWAYS knows when I'm going through my painful time, and is consistent with sleep on me at night, right below my belly button. Her warmth is comparative to a heat pad, and on occasion she'll do her kneading that feels like a much needed massage. It's brilliant and heart warming.
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Before I fall asleep every night, I lay in my hand-me-down bed with my boyfriend of 7.5 years (who reaaaally needs to put a ring on this), and use my phone to browse the blogs I follow - some about cooking, some about fitness, some about crafts, and some that are just about life. Your blog isn't about how to stitch the perfect blanket or make the most AMAZINGLY decorated cookies. It's understood, going into this, that your blog is primarily your digital journal, to help you cope with a husband in the military, and to perhaps communicate your everyday life with family and friends, and especially Josh when he's away. That's why I am a follower - you're real, I can relate to you, and you're hilarious. Oh, and beautiful, but that should go without saying. After reading this post, I felt compelled to get out of bed, walk through my dark hallway, almost trip over my fighting cats (because cats. are. jerks.), and get on my laptop to write you my first comment. The intention isn't to change your perspective or to be some sort of Godsend, but just to let you know that you're not alone. It kinda grosses me out how much I *sadly* worship a lot of the bloggers out there who seem to have these amazing talents and amazing homes and amazing lives - while I sit in a closet of an office in the basement of a hospital in Tacoma, WA, loathing my life because I can't have let my creative soul live the way I see these other bloggers allow theirs to live. It kills me - I cry because of it (pathetic!), but it's true. In the perhaps 1.5/2 years that I've followed your blog, I keep coming back because: - You and Josh Downs L.O.V.E. each other so much that it makes me cry (because I'm emotional, and pathetic...and a hopeless romantic) -Annie takes the GREATEST photos - I will literally LAUGH OUT LOUD at her faces. She is adorable! - Cole seems to be a pretty mellow kid, but he also seems to have a good head on his shoulders - but can be a total goof when he needs to. -Courtney Lee is probably one of the most stunning young women I've seen. Some of the pictures you takes, her eyes look like they hold all the knowledge in the world. She has such an exciting future ahead of her - I can feel it! - I hope Ross and Calie stay together forever - they are so disgustingly adorable. Could she HAVE A BETTER SMILE?! isn't fair, sometimes. Your life is perfect because it's the life you were given, and you're living it to it's fullest potential. You're raising some outstanding little people (and one that while in their 20s, is still your baby), while trying to maintain your sanity with your husband in a land of sand far, far away. That's enough to make anyone crazy (I know, I've helped a friend through the two tours her husband was on). You don't need fancy crafting skills, or a giant portfolio of perfectly executed photographs, or a closet full of conveniently coordinating clothes because the one store you bought them ALL from planned it to work out that way (I'm lookin' at you, Anthropologie!) - because you're human. You're not some digital facade edited down to some creepily perfect version of your true self. Hell, you're so awesome, I'd follow any circus you choose to join. <3
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Jan 16, 2012