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Nick Coles
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I had such bad GERD it caused Barret's Oesophagus and has been extremely painful to the point of not being able to travel in a vehicle due to the vibrations setting off the acid reflux. I'm on nexium after my gastroscopy and that helps but I had papaya last night and felt immediate relief! I had a great night's sleep too and will be eating papaya daily from now on. I've also changed my diet dramatically and that seems to be helping too, with more fresh fruit and veg and less meat and no junk food, grog or soft drinks. Gave up the ciggies too and I do meditative slow, deep breathing exercises every day to reduce stress. But the papaya definitely worked for me!
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2011 on Detox Diet for GERD at Dr. Linda Page's Weblog
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Sep 6, 2011