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Someone should point out that this 'plan' was originally instigated by Ken Livingstone. Boris put it on hold when he first came into office but then revived it a year or two later on.
It's going to be interesting to see Londoners reactions next year when they find it difficult to get a decorator, plumber, or rubbish removal etc etc because they've been driven out of business - or when they find that those that remain have considerably upped their charges to cover the cost of new vehicles. And what about the numerous people who have vans and campers for leaisure use? I've just had to replace the van I use to cart my windsurfing gear around and it's cost me £10k - and I only drive it at weekends. No concession either if you actually live in London rather than driving in. The ridiculous thing is that this will make neglible change on pollution levels - the number of vehicles it will effect just isn't big enough. It's just political posturing at drivers expense - again.
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Nov 21, 2011