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Realize the expo for PGH is huge. I am not sure, in all the races I've run, if I have been to a larger one. I have trouble finding my kids - all adults - once we separate here. Wish I were running PGH again this year. Will be the first time in two years I haven't.
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As I see it, the biggest problem is the gap between emerging users, those who do not mind adapting the newest technology, and policymakers. Twenty-somethings adopt newer technology and, especially in the case of work policies, the policy makers/writers are older and do not pattern usage for the younger adapters. Most policy makers do not know enough about the technology to write a comprehensive policy for usage. The same issue occurs in higher education. In a presentation I attended entitled "When Social Worlds Collide," a professor utilized online social media for group work in a college course. The professor hypothesized that this would allow students to connect to those they work with and make "new friends" while on campus. The students only connected with these classmates for class purposes so the social aspect of the hypothesis did not carry over as originally thought. In discussion after the presentation, I presented that the reason the hypothesis didn't pan out is because these students did not have anyone to pattern behavior after. Most have parents that are barely using smartphones, let alone social media.
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Jun 16, 2010