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Nick Kokonas
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you are old... 1995. blogs. old.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2011 on stating the obvious at
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Yeah, but can they do away with the little animation of a page flipping? I am def. sick of that. You could "flip" without seeing a page turn.. it could be a more computer friendly animation of some sort.... something that feels more at home and less like an analogy.
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2010 on formless and definite content at
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Clearly you have NOT read my intro to the Alinea book.... none of you! (crawling back in my hole)...
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2010 on now i want a sous-vide cooker at
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simple, mike. 1) get a poulder digital thermometer... probably have one already right? 2) drop a pad of butter or two, some salt and pepper, and a steak into some sort of vaccuum bag. Ziplock now makes ones with a little pump, or you could get a cheap food saver. 3) use a big pot of water to keep temp stable -- like a lobster pot -- put the flame on as low as it will go and get the water to 125 to 130F... slowly. The more water, the more stable the temp. 4) drop in bag with steak. 20 minutes should do it, but anywhere up to 45 or so is fine... can't really over cook it but you can end up with something more like a confit 5) undercook it a bit temp wise. because now you sear it in a pan with a tad bit of oil that is super hot -- smoking. 30 seconds each side to get the maillard reaction which converts the proteins -- ah, whatever, but you need to do this to make it taste like steak. you don't need any special equipment...
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2010 on now i want a sous-vide cooker at
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All they need to do is circumvent the laws of physics and they will be all set. I am certainly not a power / energy / etc. expert, but back of the envelope says.... nope. Just not enough juice in them there signals. Even at a perfect harvest rate. RCA = Short.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on wireless power. literally. at
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Jan 19, 2010