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Nick Kovach
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So, should we expect Update 6 to include R2 features? (palm face) Yeah, I think I will just wait for Revit 2016 and skip this entire year.. it's been a cluster if you ask me.
Michael, I can speak from experience in saying that _1530 might have the newest updates but it has NONE of the new R2 features. I about lost it when I realized that I couldn't install the R2 features now that Update 4 is installed (without a uninstall and reinstall).
Jeremy, Is there any way to determine the line styles used for the boundary lines in a filled region? Or better yet, is there an easier way to manipulate these line styles within a filled region (other than deleting and recreating the filled region)?
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Jeremy, I have run into an issue a few times while attempting to PromptForFamilyInstancePlacement, when there are multiple types (symbols) for a family, occasionally a user attempts to select a different symbol. Seems like the easiest way to solve this is to create a dialog with a list of symbols for that specific family (for easy selection). It just seems like there should be an easier way to load a different type "on the fly" if a user decides to select something different after the fact. Am I expecting too much? Thanks.
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Sorry, I didn't read far enough into your post (for the answer).. whoops! I appreciate the link to the version check (so I can make sure everyone is using the updated version of 2011 for my add-in).
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Jeremy, I have the following code for a Revit add-in I am working on (for 2011 and 2012): ElementId ep = new ElementId(BuiltInParameter.VIEWPORT_DETAIL_NUMBER); UpdaterRegistry.AddTrigger(updater.GetUpdaterId(), filter, Element.GetChangeTypeParameter(ep)); It seems to work just fine compiling with the 2011 API. The only difference I can see between the code example you have is the "updater.GetUpdaterId()" vs. "GetUpdaterId()" in your code. I am just a novice of sorts, so I don't know if that really made the difference or if it was just a more updated version of the 2011 API? Hope that helps. It was just fresh in my mind and I wanted to contribute my 2 cents. Nick
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Nov 22, 2011