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This is a sad event for me. As a guy who has had to fight his way through homelessness and poverty to get through school, Terra Nova was always a tremendous source of inspiration to me. Edward Castronova, Virtual Worlds was a book that really helped me focus on some of what I was seeing my friends go through and it has helped me focus my own set of inquiries as I have gone through the system. In fact, your involvement in TUG from Nerd Kingdom was the reason I began to talk to others about that project. An email from Aaron Delwiche during a particularly troubling year about a paper I had put on a live journal kept me going through my undergrad. I had actually made an appointment to talk to someone about officially withdrawing from the university just before getting that email. I didn't go. Mia Consalvo was on my thesis committee because of this site and because of the work I learned of through Terra Nova. I began to do more design work because I started talking to Mark Chen about Terra Nova at a conference recently. At least for this particular reader, it is depressing to see such an inspiration go. I suppose to use the content of the site, it's like having your favorite mmo's servers shut down.
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2014 on Making it official: RIP Terra Nova at Terra Nova
Hey welcome back! I've always been conflicted about this topic. If you look at sales to events in the world you'll usually see some sort of correlation. Games about war increased as we began pursuing wars on multiple fronts around the world Games incorporating violent imagery have gone up as we learn to deal with things like beheadings on television, school shootings, and imagery from every atrocity you can find around the world as it happens. Can we blame Sony and Microsoft for selling to the current state of things? No. But we really should blame Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and every game company for not taking steps to at least balance those things. Then you get into the concept of the gamer and it gets even crazier. Here is a group that has been forcibly created and catered to since the 70s. It is now a reality that has entire industries devoted to it and it doesn't want to change, it can't change. Can we blame anyone for catering to it? It is contradictory to do so since all of us, whether we like it or not, are part of that reality. Where can change begin? What do we even mean by change? Is criticism enough? What does it mean to criticize something none of us have really consciously chosen to take part in yet perpetuate with every blog entry, tweet, or instant message we make? So much conflict!
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I enjoyed the podcast for a time but I have become increasingly disappointed with the diversity of the cast. I realize how small the video game world really is but I would love to see you track down some different types of guests (pro gamers, old school board game peoples, new bloggers, flame war participants from various blogs). It would be neat to see some folks that are maybe part of some other community that is not currently a part of the current popular press (or trying to be)...maybe some controversial figures (Icycalm comes to mind but that is troublesome). It seems like the community (generic term for a nebulous idea) has grown a bit stagnant. All of the main sites like Kotaku or whatever have basically usurped those folks and now they do not have time to do the stuff like podcasting as they have deadlines and things. It has been neat watching this cycle occur some 3 or 4 times but the discussion is growing stale. Even in the game studies circles you see groups going back on what they stood for for years and start arguing against something they feverishly stood for. We're all in some type of plateau. Games are becoming this way as well. Some fresh faces would maybe be great for such things?
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Do the MLB games have a CCG-like online vs mode like Madden does? (I wrote about this a little while back at ). I have found that this mode is quite incredible when dealing with "fantasy" teams. I enjoy that it is CCG-based and is really decently balanced. It really lends to making players you insert feel more impactful because maybe, just maybe, they shared a team with Walter Peyton or went to college with Dan Marino. It is filled with layers and is pretty intense. The narratives you tend to cultivate as you painfully switch out legendary players with players who share associations are quite intense. Thanks for this, Michael!
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